4 tips to attract good luck in your life

tips to attract good luck in your life

It was by listening to others that I learned to understand them. And it was by listening to them that I understood why some were lucky and others were not. And this is where you can and should have hope. Because, it is possible to attract luck to yourself! Here are 4 Tips to Attract Luck …

4 Tips to Attract Luck

Luck, with rare exceptions, does not come of itself, it is thought about, it is about, it is won. It can also be useful to pray to  the Angels, whatever the circumstancesBut for your prayers to be effective, they must first be  addressed to  your guardian angel. 

Lucky tip N ° 1: Go out, meet, chat!

Don't wait for luck to ring your door. If that can indeed happen, recognize that it will be easier for you to arouse her when you go out.

An example ? You don't win the lottery dreaming of hitting the jackpot in bed!

So go out, talk, smile, share. Every day there is someone whom fate puts in your path to bring you joy, happiness .

It is absolutely necessary to provoke this meeting.

Lucky tip # 2  : open your eyes, listen to your heart

Contrary to what some people think, we are not programmed to be unhappy! On the contrary, we carry within us all that it takes of consciousness and intuition to catch happiness when it comes within our reach.

But most of the time, we keep our eyes closed. Get in the habit of looking around: in what comes to you, there is at least an opportunity every day to be happy and to be lucky .

Lucky Tip # 3: Attract Luck by Chasing Darkness and Bringing Light!

Imagine having to climb to the top of a mountain with a big backpack full of rocks: that would be hard, wouldn't it?

Now imagine that you could do it without that heavy bag …

These images, I use them to explain that the past, for what it has obscure and weighs down the possibility of meeting luck .

Let go of your bad memories, your bitterness, your resentments. Why ? Because only a positive attitude can call the positive! The past is over.

Look to the future: it smiles on you!

Tip N ° 4 of the 4 Tips for Attracting Luck  : Believe, See and Persevere!

To be lucky , you have to have faith. The certainty of being able to catch it! Believe it!

Believe in your future and visualize it: every night, before going to sleep, and every morning, when you wake up, “see” what you want most, see what you want!

Don't wait for a miracle, believe in your strength to bring luck with these 4 Tips to Attract Luck . And if she doesn't come right away, and even if you experience failures, persevere, stay positive: I promise you, she will come soon with these 4 Tips to Attract Luck.

Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay

Maria Numero

I am a simple women with a surprising Gift of Medium . This powerful divinatory power allows me to establish angelic connections and more precisely to invoke and speak to Angels.

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tips to attract good luck in your life