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7 signs that you have had the dream of a past life

past life regression
past life regression

Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Maria Numero

We’ve all lived at least one more life, even if we don’t remember it – or vaguely. It is not uncommon to dream of a past life. On the other hand, it is less rare to be aware of it. However, there are differences between Dreams from a past life and the normal dreams we have in this life. It is therefore necessary to know them in order to be able to distinguish one from the other.

Have you dreamed of a past life?

Let us focus on dreams from past lives. So you can detect them. Memories and images play a major role in our lives. They can come to mind in many ways, both when we are awake and when we are sleeping (in the form of dreams). The most incredible dreams are very often related to past lives.

Dreaming about a past life can affect the present.
It is the same when one discovers the name of his guardian angel. Life can take a whole new turn …

Dreams from a Past Life – Importance of the Subconscious

If you remember dreams from past lives, it means that you have already lived in the past. This is because when you sleep, your subconscious helps you remember past experiences. It is his way of guiding you and of preventing you – thanks to the experience acquired – from repeating the same mistakes.

The subconscious is the building block of a human being closest to the spiritual. When you sleep, your conscious mind goes into rest mode, which allows your subconscious to take over. If you go to bed in a bad mood but your mood is different when you wake up, your subconscious has managed to distance you from the tensions and difficulties of everyday life.

7 signs that show you’ve dreamed of a past life

It is always possible to distinguish between the two types of dreams that I just mentioned. Let us focus here on the 7 signs that suggest that this is a dream from a previous life or a normal dream.

An environment of the past on dreams of a past life

When it comes to a dream related to your current life, you see people, things, and places that you know, that are familiar to you. On the other hand, dreams of past lives will always take place in a completely different environment. Everything will seem foreign to you: the people, the way they express themselves, the way they dress, the places you are in. The days will seem over to you.

You are not the same person and your behavior is different too

In dreams of past lives, you are a whole different person. In most cases, you are seeing things through the eyes of another person. This is a sign that this is a dream from a previous life. Your gender might have changed in this dream, you might also believe in some other religion etc.

But that’s not all … Your behavior may not be like you. You might indeed have trouble recognizing yourself.

The scene remains unchanged from dreams of a past life

Dreams related to past lives take place in one place, unlike other dreams, which have varying landscapes. Also, the events that take place in these dreams linked to the past have meaning and logic.

Everything seems well put together, even if they give the impression that we have no control over the events. The reason is very simple: this dream is not a creation of your mind but a repetition of a past event. This is why the sequence of events that takes place makes sense.

As much sense as your behavior

We all have certain superstitions, and sometimes we behave in ways that are not like us. These superstitions and behaviors come from your past lives. This explains why the behavior adopted in dreams related to past lives sometimes seems unusual.

Indeed, past lives influence the way we behave and act.

Your emotions and your physical state are part of the dreams of a past life

If you have wounds, scars, or even discomfort in your day-to-day life, dreams from past lives may well tell you where they are. So, if you have osteoarthritis in an elbow or any other joint is bothering you, it may be due to an injury from the past. This is what you may discover in your dreams of past lives.

If you have a bad temper, some events from the past could also be the cause.

Dreams from a past life – Liberation from a spiritual point of view

Do you ever find that you are missing something in life? If so, it could be that this feeling originated in another life, in karma, or even in unresolved issues that have been encountered in the past. The dreams related to past lives will give you directions in this regard.

You will feel different when you wake up

After any dream related to past lives, you will wake up under the influence of a particular energy. She will let you know that you just had an unusual dream. Your whole body will tell you that this dream is different from others, that it is different.

Dreams from a past life linked to past lives reveal a great deal of information that would be impossible to obtain without them. It is for this reason that we must be able to distinguish between normal dreams and dreams related to past lives. These allow us to make sense of events and to understand why we act in such and such a way, even if such behavior is not like us.

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