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Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols

Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols
Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols

It does not matter what religion one practices, or even the fact of practicing it, in the end, to bring to his blow, one of these objects to which we attribute luck, protection, magic, l love, a god, or whatever.

Why Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols ?

From time immemorial, objects, symbols, gestures, or even verbal formulas have followed men in their daily life. These “grigri” accompany us every day and are sometimes carriers of deep messages, anchored in our affect, social condition, belief, or in our spirit …

It is difficult to give them a precise origin, as people throughout the ages have used and even abused a whole bunch of artifacts to which to relate mentally, or rather spiritually.

Use of Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols

In short, various graphics, gestures, words, animals, plants, will bring something to satisfy the person who uses it or carries it on it. It would suffice to receive it as a gift, or after an initiation rite, after having manufactured or simply bought it.

  • Indicate your religious affiliation, by wearing a cross, a star, a hand, an Asian symbol …
  • Show your interest in lost civilizations, by offering yourself a Celtic, Viking, Egyptian symbol with a particular inscription or graphic
  • Prove his affection with a tattooed / engraved name
  • To protect oneself from bad spells, evil spirits, bad energy with a talisman, a mandala…
  • Attract luck with a clover, another rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe…
  • Receive protection or the blessing of a God, through a prayer, a sacrament, an amulet and even, by performing a gestural rite or a sacrifice … (This was the case in many ancestral civilizations.)
  • Practice magic, with herbs, spells, magic formulas, dolls and pentacles …
  • Repel evil, by symbol, gesture, word: “vade retro …”
  • Heal, with massages, stones …
  • Recognize a specific person by a specific gesture, as in Freemasons, for example
  • Indicate that you are married, with a wedding ring or a point on the forehead …
  • Indicate your astrological sign

And this list is far from exhaustive …

But what is the difference between a talisman and an amulet?

The answer is simple, the amulet is more used when it comes to “protection”, as for the talisman it is rather supposed to bring a specific benefit to the person who uses it:

  • We will therefore use an amulet to protect ourselves from something or someone;
  • A talisman to attract something or someone;

Symbols, on the other hand, have rather magical, sacred, secret properties… they are used to know, recognize, distinguish, glorify, identify, but they are also given benefactor or harmful powers, according to beliefs and doctrines.

You should know that the same symbol can mean one thing and its opposite, according to dogmas. The colors, the numbers and even the constellations would also express a mystical or sacred symbolism.

Recall that some Gods bear the name of a planet, a star, or that stories still express their divine intervention in nature (a tree, lightning, animal …) which, by its shape, can also be represented symbolically by graphics.

We have therefore drawn up a small list of relatively well-known amulets, talisman and symbol so that you can clearly differentiate them.


Saint Christopher, the Blessed Virgin, the hand of Fatima, the eye of Horus, the seal of Solomon, rock crystal, Buddha, guardian angels, prayers, magic formulas, an icon, an effigy, an animal …


A mandala, a pentagram, a 4 leaf clover, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, hieroglyphics, graphics, the representation of a planet, a god, an object to which one carries a power particular (fetish …), it can also be a particular saint, the representation of someone as well …


The symbol of infinity, of infinite love, a religious mark, a number, a letter, an acronym, an initial, symbolic gesture, geometric shape, color, object / design commonly used to signify something specific. (The pine cone, the lightning bolt, the triangle, the trumpet …)

So there are hundreds, maybe thousands of different charms and just as many reasons to use them… One in two people have them at home, maybe even without knowing it!

So which one do you own and which one do you use? Do not hesitate to answer us, in comments!

Having Amulets, talismans and sacred symbols is spiritually strong

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