Aquarius weekly horoscope week of april 26 to may 2

Aquarius weekly horoscope
Aquarius weekly horoscope

Love and Dating – april 26 to may 2

The arrival of Mars in your romantic horizon will bring good and less good surprises. For people living in a couple, disagreements may harm the harmony between you and your spouse. Make communication a point of honor, it is essential! For single people, you can’t seem to meet someone and you have a lot of questions. Ask someone you trust for help, to confide in you and get some useful advice.

Health and Fitness – april 26 to may 2

With Saturn’s current position in your sky, some digestive upset could arise this week. They are often a sign of a diet that is too rich or of significant stress. Avoid foods that are too fatty and reduce your coffee consumption if you drink it. Prefer foods that are easy to digest such as rice, cooked vegetables or soup. Choose tea to revitalize yourself and cut out soft drinks. You will feel much lighter and more relaxed!

Work and Money – april 26 to may 2

Your touch of madness takes you in new directions. Particularly if you are of Cancer ancestry. You will strongly think about investing financially in a project that speaks to you. Trust your instincts, but don’t ignore the recommendations of your banking advisor or those around you. Everything is good to take. Slightly stubborn, you would be able to miss out on basic information. So take the time to think it over before making any decision.

Family and friends – april 26 to may 2

Teasing is rife in your circle of friends and family. Outside the position of the moon could heighten your susceptibility. Your patience has its limits which it is best not to exceed. Even more if you are from the first decan. Do not take the fly! Practice self-mockery this week. By cultivating your sense of humor and a smile, you will feel relief and find the banana again. You know of course the proverb “Who loves well, punishes well”.

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