Archangel gabriel: who is he really?

archangel gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is one of the 3 angels who refused to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God. He was also chosen by God to be his messenger to men. Indeed, it is the angel Gabriel who revealed himself to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this function, he therefore occupies a special place in the celestial and angel world. How to invoke Archangel Gabriel and who is he really? The answers in this guide.

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel is one of the 7 Archangels, pillars of the world. Along with the angels Michael and Raphael, the angel Gabriel refused to rebel against God. This bearer of the greatest prophecies of the Christian religion is the one who announced to Mary the birth of Jesus.

While the latter was still a virgin, he revealed to her that she will give birth to a child conceived by the Holy Spirit. Archangel Gabriel also appeared to Zechariah to announce the birth of his son John the Baptist. His wife Elisabeth being sterile, the priest Zacharie did not believe the angel.

So he became mute until the child was circumcised. Gabriel Benevolent Angel is also said to have appeared to the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. It is this angel who would have explained to him the famous vision of the ram and the goat. The Archangel Gabriel also appears in the Muslim religion under the name of Jibril. He would have quoted to Muhammad the verses of the Koran.

The name Gabriel comes from the words “gabar” which means force then “el” or God. Whether for Islam or Christianity, the meaning Gabriel means “God is my strength”. Gabriel can also be taken in the sense of “The strength of God” or “Heroes of God”. This archangel represents the water element in the Essene culture. Also, it is always associated with purification.

Considered the guardian of the Grail, Archangel Gabriel is symbolized by the chalice, a sign of the divine feminine matrix. The other sign of the Archangel Gabriel is the white lily flower, a sign of purity and of the Virgin. At the same time, these flowers symbolize fertility and sexuality.

Archangel Gabriel's weapon of choice is the spear which reflects both his power and his gentleness. With his gentleness and legendary mercy, Archangel Gabriel is perceived as the most feminine of the Archangels.

What is the role of Archangel Gabriel?

The divine messenger Archangel Gabriel is considered the patron saint of communicators. It protects all those who have a message to convey in their profession. Also, he watches over writers, journalists, teachers and artists.

Archangel Gabriel offers his guidance to people who find themselves in the dark at some point in their life. If so, it gives you clarity so that you can put your life in order. It also helps you harness qualities like generosity and sympathy.

It offers your help so that you can let go of any negative emotions that could be altering your energy system.

The Archangel Gabriel is helping women prone to fertility problems. It also accompanies those who seek protection during pregnancy. Likewise, it helps isolated people to get closer to their mother.

Thanks to his power over speech and self-expression, Gabriel the angel also helps you to express your feelings, but also to externalize your emotions. Also, it puts you on the right track for you to achieve your goals. Summoning Archangel Gabriel then helps you to carry out your soul missions.

To invoke the Archangel Gabriel in your prayers, all you have to do is mention his name and make your request. It is important to be concise in your explanations. Now all you have to do is wait for the signs of help he will send you.

To do this, you have to remain patient and be open-minded. During your prayer or meditation, visualizing a copper light source will allow you to easily connect to its energy. Indeed, this color represents the angel Gabriel.

Who are the 7 main Archangels?

Unlike angels, archangels have a closer connection with God. They are even considered as an extension of God since the latter uses the archangels to carry out his work.

The exact number of archangels is unknown until now. However, beliefs and traditions often refer to 7 main archangels. Archangel Gabriel, angel messenger, is one of them. He offers help in solving problems related to communication, fertility, lack of self-confidence, etc.

The second is Archangel Michael with his name meaning “he who is like God”. He is known as the most powerful of angels, protector of justice and master of mercy. He is represented by a warrior carrying a sword.

The third is the Archangel Raphael or “God Heals”. Also, this angel is associated with physical and emotional healing. He heals those who call upon him, but also helps healers.

The fourth is the Archangel Jophiel, whose name means “The Beauty of God”. It stimulates the thoughts of men so that they are always positive. It also helps bring calm to life by letting go of negativity and chaos.

The fifth is the Archangel Ariel with her name meaning “Lion of God”. He is the protective angel of the earth and its resources. He is also the keeper of the physical universe.

The sixth Archangel is Azrael , whose name means “He who helps God”. He is considered the angel of death because he helps souls adjust to their New World. He also helps the living to cope with the loss of a loved one and to mourn.

The seventh Archangel is Chamuel or “He who sees God”. It protects the world from negative vibrations sent by the forces of evil.

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