Aries horoscope of the week of April 26 to may 2

Aries horoscope of the week

Love and Dating – April 26 – May 2nd

A blazing week ahead for you! If you are single, you will not leave anyone indifferent. It will be impossible to resist your solar charm! Just one of your smiles will set the hearts of the people you meet ablaze. You like it, you know it and you like it! If you are in a relationship, your spouse only has eyes for you. He will do his utmost to please you: little attentions, fiery moments, seduction… You will appreciate this unabashed enthusiasm!

Health and Fitness – April 26 – May 2nd

You will be sunny and fulfilled this week. Your self-confidence will be boosted and you will show yourself ready to overcome any obstacle. You will be ready to take on many challenges. It is a good time to go on a trek in an unknown country or to embark on a hike in the mountains. Always higher, it is your motto of the moment! No matter what your next sporting trip, plan something to invigorate you and schedule downtime to recuperate.

Work and Money – April 26 – May 2nd

Do your colleagues’ remarks catch your attention? The planet Uranus suggests that you don’t let yourself be swayed and listen to your intuition. You are not immune to receiving biased information which could mislead you. Especially if you are in a tight period. Keep a cool head and get some fresh air if you feel the need. If in doubt, refer to someone close to you, your family or not, to put your ideas in place.

Family and friends – April 26 – May 2nd

Under the influence of the planet Pluto, you will emit a magnetism such that everyone around you will notice. You will flourish in your home and you will get rid of all the previous inconveniences. A rebirth that will be expressed in your relationship with your partner if you live as a couple or in your role as a parent if you have children. This positive period could also give birth to new unsuspected friendships. Stay open-minded and available.

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