Calculate your lucky number using your name

lucky number using your name

Some figures bring us luck. And with his name, we can know what are the dates that will play in our favor. We all did these calculations with friends at school. We refresh your memory.

In numerology, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as lucky or unlucky. There is the law of cycles, the same for each individual.

At birth, we inherit a certain amount of data, a framework with its pluses and minuses: it’s up to us to assume it and live it out to the best of our balance.

Some people have a more open level of consciousness than others, so, a priori, more likely to get out of it, others must make real efforts to improve their existence.

Luck, it is also and above all a question of personal belief: if you think that you are lucky in life, generally, you attract it naturally. Otherwise, it is more difficult…

There are luck factors for each person who incarnates on earth. One of these factors is the pyramids of luck.

You will discover below this technique of pyramids, thousands of years old, which has always been proven.

How to build your luck pyramids

First translate the letters of your usual first name and your last name into numbers according to the following correspondence table:

letters and numbers

If your first name is composed, consider it as one first name. Always take the last name that was declared at birth: it is your imprint for life… Write your first and last name as follows ( Carla Martin , for example), then write down each number well below the letter that matches it.

Then add the numbers two by two until you get the overturned pyramids below. At the tip of these pyramids, you get the numbers corresponding to your first and last name.

For Carla Martin: 2 and 7.

name letters lucky number

Current Wife

Calculation in detail for the first name

Add the digits two by two starting from the left, then reduce to a total between 1 and 9. Then write the digit obtained after reduction below and in the middle of the two added digits.

You practice the same with the last name. Double check your calculations to avoid any errors and if you are unsure of what to do next, come back to the example.

How to calculate your lucky number

To know your lucky number, add your two digits. For Carla: 2 + 7 = 9. Carla Martin’s chance number is 9, coming from 2 and 7. The total must always give a number contained between 1 and 9.

We always retain the number of luck as the most important and most influential in life. Now find out what your lucky number means.

What does the lucky number 1 mean?

The 1 is symbolically linked to the Sun and the sign of Leo . It represents active, powerful energy , as well as will and courage .

Keywords: creation, inspiration, assertiveness, direction.

Your dates: 1, 10, 19, 28, and more in January and October .

You have courage, will and show initiative. You have to act on your own and impose yourself if the situation demands it. You have the facilities to seek support, apply for a job, negotiate with your banker or your superior.

You’re in luck when you bank on your creativity. Design, draw, write, invent! You are successful, a priori, at the professional level.

If 1 is your lucky number

Your beneficial colors: red or pink.
Your element: Fire
Your flowers: red or pink roses
Your jewel: the ruby

What does the lucky number 2 mean?

The 2 is symbolically linked to the Moon and the sign of Cancer. It represents passive, receptive energy , kindness and sociability .

Keywords: relationship, association, union, balance, receptivity.

Your dates: 2, 11, 20, 29, and more in February and November .

The emphasis is on your close relationships (family or work). Do not try to control the external context at all costs. You get more through patience and diplomacy than through the balance of power.

Know how to welcome good surprises and do not decide on your own what to do.

You’re in luckby partnering with someone or taking on projects as a team. Your relationship life is rich and interesting. Your luck comes from friends or relationships, even union.

If 2 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: orange.
Your element: Water .
Your flowers: the iris, the lily.
Your jewelry: moonstone, pearl.

What does the lucky number 3 mean?

The 3 is symbolically linked to Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius . It represents creative energy , the joy of living and alertness .

Keywords: communication, social path, variety, originality, spontaneity.

Your dates: 3, 12, 21, 30, and more in March and December .

You are good at procedures and contacts. Take advantage of your creativity and don’t hesitate to show off yourself.

Beware of scattering and dispersion. Love, friendship are predominant. You can deal with lawyers, government officials, or financiers.

You’re in luckby expressing yourself and communicating. Success is facilitated in artistic, commercial, and media professions.

If 3 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: yellow
Your element: Air
Your flowers: lily of the valley and carnation
Your jewelry: topaz and agate

What does the lucky number 4 mean?

The number 4 is symbolically linked to Saturn and the sign of Capricorn . It represents constructive energy , reflection and stability .

Keywords: work, organization, efforts, perseverance, method.

Your dates: 4, 13, 22, 31, and more in January and April.

Use your organizational skills and tenacity, we trust you. Periods of stress do not scare you, and this is how you recognize that you are moving up the social ladder. You are physically resistant, but be sure to observe a healthy lifestyle.

You’re in luckby working regularly. Success in business or commerce. Good aspects for family life and real estate.

If 4 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: green
Your element: Earth
Your flowers: jasmine, forget-me-not and geranium
Your jewelry: emerald, jade

What does the lucky number 5 mean?

The number 5 is symbolically linked to Mercury and the sign of Gemini . It represents lively energy and a deep taste for escape .

Keywords: mobility, change, travel, independence, expansion.

Your dates: 5, 14, 23, and more in March and May .

You feel a real need for oxygen and independence. You like exchanges and travel, as well as breaks in the rhythm.

Contacts are favored, even if the commitments are not always lasting. You are good at designing projects, studying and thirsty for knowledge.

Lucky at gamesand sometimes by speculating. Quite original sentimental adventures are possible. Lucky when traveling, for transfers or removals.

If 5 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: beige or brown
Your element: Air
Your flowers: orchid, azalea, broom…
Your jewelry: turquoise, sapphire

What does the lucky number 6 mean?

The number 6 is symbolically linked to Venus and the sign of Taurus . It represents harmony and gentleness , protection and feelings .

Keywords: love, service, roots, home, family, choice, free will.

Your dates: 6, 15, 24 of the month, and more in April and June .

You have a sense of responsibility and adaptation. Seek conciliation rather than conflict. Your emotional life is the engine of your balance. Success in creative fields, and in everything related to human management.

You’re in luckin love and in union. You can count on the support of your loved ones. You can easily find accommodation, and happily practice artistic, human or welfare professions.

If 6 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: blue
Your elements: Air and Earth
Your flowers: lilac, narcissus
Your jewelry: sapphire, lapis lazuli.

What does the lucky number 7 mean?

The number 7 is symbolically linked to Uranus and the sign of Aquarius . Sometimes also to Neptune and Pisces . It represents mental , spiritual energy , as well as intuition and discretion .

Keywords: reflection, analysis, interior life, the human, the authentic.

Your dates: 7, 16, 25, and more in July and September .

Purely material or financial matters are not necessarily your cup of tea, and you sometimes experience quite heavy waiting periods, but maintaining confidence and being patient is the best way to get there.

You can count on the good surprises in life and great satisfactions in your human and friendly relations.

You have piecemeal luck in every area. You come across opportunities that can change your life from day to day. If you develop a belief in luck, anything goes. Faith saves you …

If 7 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: mauve, purple
Your element: Water
Your flowers: iris, lotus
Your jewelry: amethyst, cultured pearl

What does the lucky number 8 mean?

The number 8 is symbolically linked to Mars and the sign of Aries . Sometimes also to Saturn and Capricorn . It represents intense, concrete energy , as well as determination and ambition .

Keywords: power, achievement, justice, abundance.

Your dates: 8, 17, 26, and more in August and November .

The emphasis is on the material and financial aspects that you have to take seriously. You have real qualities to convince and constantly improve your situation or your career.

You show great energy, but avoid all forms of arrogance and be fair in everything.

You are lucky in commerce, business, finance and in any career, as long as you want it… You can win games and participate in competitions. You get a good sense of the investments that pay off.

If 8 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: gray or black
Your element: Earth
Your flowers: pansy, asphodel, amaryllis
Your jewelry: dark pearl, aquamarine.

What does the lucky number 9 mean?

The number 9 is symbolically linked to Neptune and the sign of Pisces . Sometimes also to Mars and Scorpio . It represents an energy of dedication , of service , as well as the absolute and the ideal .

Keywords: emotionality, passion, idealism, altruism, the universal, the foreigner.

Your dates: 9, 18, 27, and more in September and October .

Good aspects for public or foreign contacts, teaching jobs or devotion to others. Sometimes you have to take care of others, by choice or by obligation.

You hardly have time to think about yourself. On the other hand, you reap a lot of joy and recognition from others.

You are lucky on long trips or stays abroad. You succeed in activities related to communities, the public …

If 9 is your lucky number

Your beneficial color: gold, as well as all pastel shades
Your element: Fire
Your flowers: petunia, lotus
Your jewelry: diamond, opal

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