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Does love at first sight really exist? 25 Falling in love quotes

love at first sight real
love at first sight real

Last Updated on May 19, 2021 by Maria Numero

Are you one of the millions of people who wonder, does love at first sight really exists? Or are you one of those who lived it and have no doubts about its existence? Here is our opinion on the matter!

Proof that love at first sight real

Movies and series are great at showing us what love at first sight looks like… and making us want to live the experience like our favorite heroes and heroines falling in love! A long glance exchanged, a mouth that opens, butterflies in the belly when you meet your soul mate … But it is well known, Hollywood always tends to exaggerate everything! Do you this this love at first sight real?

It doesn’t have to happen in a romantic place or at the perfect time: it is quite possible to experience one while shopping or during our weekly session at the gym, when we buy bananas or when we sweat everywhere. It differs from platonic love: when two souls are drawn to each other in an approach that is rather spiritual . In both cases, you feel a connection with someone, but let’s be clear, love at first sight is expressed primarily through physical attraction and sexual desire.

Signs of love at first sight – falling in love with you

How do you know that you are dealing with love at first sight and not just a crush? Know that the body releases a series of hormones when you have a thunderbolt. These hormones make us more sensitive and make us nervous. Moreover, the symptoms are not only psychological: they are also physical!

Here are the signs that do not deceive:


It may not be very sensual, but no one escapes it: when we meet the love of our life, our body temperature rises considerably, especially if we are near the person and think falling in love with you. Our hands are sweating, our cheeks are red, we feel burning from the inside… This can destabilize you and make you doubt yourself, but know that it is totally normal!


It can make us lose our means, so we don’t necessarily make the best first impression. But if love at first sight is shared, know that the object of your desires feels exactly the same as you: he feels nervous , has trouble finding the right words, stutters … Take a deep breath to regain his footing and become again yourself!


To have butterflies in the belly often means with palpitations in the heart! Love at first sight: your blood pressure rises. It is as if you have had a sudden adrenaline rush. Having is a bit like bungee jumping!


This is not a physical symptom, but it is nonetheless inevitable! Back home, you just think of the person you fell in love with. She lives in you and you want only one thing: to see her again as soon as possible.

25 Falling in love quotes

  1. Love is like lightning: we are nowhere safe from it.
  2. No one knows when or how love or lightning will fall, but all we know is that it never falls in the same place twice.
  3. When someone falls in love with you, truly in love, it’s magic.
  4. Not everyone falls in love.
  5. I suggest that we no longer say “fall in love” but “rise in love”. In “to fall” there is the possibility of the fall; in the rise, the harder the fall. It is a concern of linguistic precision.
  6. A woman who falls madly in love wants to unite with the one she loves, by indissoluble bonds, owe him her happiness, to hold from him the reunion of all the goods to which her heart aspires. Repeated oaths confirm his hopes. All kinds of seductions besiege his soul at the same time. She dreams only of pleasures, of delights; she gets intoxicated with the anticipated feeling of her happiness; and on the verge of realizing her dream, when she opens her arms to embrace her lover, the barbarian abandons her.
  7. To fall in love is to have a new problem to solve.
  8. The worst part in life: not knowing how to fall in love.
  9. To love is a woman’s perfume, a dream creature, a look that sets you on fire.
  10. Just as a flame generates a flame, love for love must ignite.
  11. Happiness is free, it is luxury that is dear; all our troubles are due to our luxury tastes. In love, it’s the same scenario – that of One + One. Who do we love the most in the world? You have to have the courage to say it yourself. But when you fall in love, all of a sudden there is room for two. Suddenly, if we have to choose, we choose the Other. It is marvelous this sudden capacity to love the Other more than oneself, to cherish the perfection. However, be careful: as soon as the slightest flaw in this perfection manifests itself, the criticism bursts out and … we move on. This is life, a permanent movement.
  12. Succumb – Who falls in love, prepares for good nights and bad days.
  13. Fall in love, what does that mean? To forget oneself, to better relive in it.
  14. You don’t decide to fall in love with a human being, you fall in love with a human being.
  15. Love at first sight is often the find of a good mirror.
  16. Love at first sight ! mistrust ! it means that there is a thunderstorm in the air!
  17. To fall in love is to be born remembering being born.
  18. It’s always the same thing: we fall in love, we turn our life upside down, we swear that this time it’s for good. And then, one evening, we see her by his side and we say to ourselves: What is this female?
  19. No one falls in love if they are happy with what they have and what they are.
  20. Love, love, when you hold us, we can well say: farewell, caution!
  21. Falling in love isn’t the dumbest thing people do at all, but gravity can’t be blamed.
  22. Love is the fusion of two souls into one; an intoxication of every minute; tender words; sweet looks; tasty kisses.
  23. A whole world of love hatched in one look.
  24. Men fall in love easily, and they just as easily let you down.
  25. There is in beauty and in virtue an invincible charm which makes the iron gates fall, and which softens the hearts of bronze!
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