Esotericism: discover the secret symbols of numbers

Esotericism symbols of numbers

Hidden by definition, esotericism (secret teachings reserved for initiates) arouses a lot of curiosity. Today, we are lifting the veil on one of the aspects studied by numerologists: the symbolism of numbers.

According to Pythagoras, ” numbers rule the universe “. Many civilizations were not mistaken, since the invention of numerical or arithmetic systems favored their development.

Indian mathematicians, Muslim philosophers and Western scholars drew inspiration from numbers to disseminate their theories.

Beyond the quantities they express, numbers convey forces. They give us energy and channel our emotions. This is the whole art of numerology, divination by numbers.

Esotericism: the symbol of numbers (9 figures)

Each figure carries vibrations. They reverberate on a daily basis or through art, history or mythology. The symbol of the number provides information on the influence it can exert on your personality as well as on the impression one makes on others via the attitude number for example.

Symbols of the number 1

First of the male numbers, the number 1 is associated with the Sun, with Zeus in Greek mythology. It symbolizes the image of man standing, ready to rise to a higher level of knowledge. The 1 aspires to beauty. He hates anything that is mediocre. It takes the form of the Do in the scale, the letter A in the alphabet, the Bateleur in the Tarot.

Symbols of the number 2

Day / night, positive / negative, sun / moon, the number 2 is assimilated to the concept of parity . It symbolizes human duality, the hesitation in the face of two directions to follow. If it divides, the 2 is also capable of giving life. Feminine and lunar, it evokes motherhood. The number 2 is represented by the note D , the letter B , the Tarot High Priestess and the two scales .

Symbols of the number 3

Balzac sees in the number 3 “the spiritual sign of creation”. In geometry, it forms a triangle , a symbol of intelligence and perfect harmony. The 3 represents the roof above the house. Before rising, it is necessary to lay the foundation (four walls). The 3 brings together body, mind and soul. There is the note Mi , the letter C and the Empress in the Tarot .

Symbols of the number 4

By its equal parts, the number 4 brings stability and balance. Life is materialized through the four elements of the plant: the root, the stem, the flower and the fruit. To protect himself, man sets up the four walls of his house, each angle allowing him to find his way in infinite space. The 4 is represented by the note Fa , the letter D and the Emperor in the Tarot .

Symbols of the number 5

With the number 5, the spirit (1) is opposed to the matter (4). The pupils of Pythagoras saw in him a nuptial number. The 5 refers to the notion of pleasure through the exploration of the 5 senses. Individuality is freed and intelligence adapts to any situation. Number of heart in China , 5 is found in Note Sol and the letter E . The Pope is the fifth card of the Tarot .

Symbols of the number 6

Illustration of beauty, the number 6 is dedicated to Aphrodite , goddess of love. Man was created on the sixth day, symbol of perfection, the 6 representing the first number divisible by 2. But the idea of ​​pleasure gives rise to temptations . In the Tarot, the 6 is linked to the Lover (blade evoking the choice between vice and virtue), the letter F and the note La .

Symbols of the number 7

Seven days of the week, seven notes of the scale, 7 colors of the rainbow. The number 7 has a sacred meaning. 3 (sky) and 4 (earth) are spiritual numbers. Their association gives birth to the 7, which dispenses life and movement. It symbolizes the whole of the universe. The 7 is a victorious number . It is linked to the note Si , to the letter G , to the Chariot in the Tarot .

Symbols of the number 8

A figure of fullness vertically, the number 8 symbolizes infinity when it is represented horizontally. With the 8, material joys multiply the better to learn to detach from it. An initiatory number, the 8 obliges us to put our individual conscience at the service of the collective work . We find it through the letter H , and Justice in the Tarot .

Symbols of the number 9

Symbol of fertility , the 9 gives life. It announces the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The loop is extended in the form of a spiral, reflecting a transposition on a different plane. 9 muses, 9 attributes of divine power, the number 9 harmonizes energies. It relates to the letter I (i) . In the Tarot, he is represented by the Hermit .

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