Gemini tomorrow horoscope – Wednesday May 19

Gemini weekly horoscope
Gemini weekly horoscope

Gemini is a big child who is not necessarily aware of the complexity that surrounds him.

Your love life

This Wednesday, romantic disillusions may be the order of the day. Indeed, the quincunx formed by the Moon and Neptune announces, either unfulfilled expectations at the level of the couple, or behaviors which promise to be difficult to accept. Stay calm … If you are single, and you have set your sights on a particular person, it is very likely that you will experience a little disappointment … Fortunately, not all natives will be affected.

Your professional life

Gemini friends, you will need to concentrate, if not outright isolate yourself at work, so that you do not fail in your homework. However, this is not the best strategy to adopt. You would lose too much confidence in your skills. Do not hesitate to go to your professional entourage. All you need is encouragement to achieve your goals.

Your finances

The indecisive aspect of Neptune and the Moon shows that you may not be completely comfortable in the financial realm. It is likely that you do not really know which foot to dance on today and that you lack the judgment in making hard decisions. If the doubts are too great, it is undoubtedly best to give yourself more time.

Your well-being

This Wednesday, take care of yourself! Emotionally, the stars will torment you and you will no doubt be psychically exhausted at the end of the day. To take your mind off things, pay a visit to your hairdresser or relax in a good bubble bath. Take care of yourself by all means, and be proud of yourself no matter what.

Family and entourage

There is tension in the air, on the level of friendship too, as your expectations are high vis-à-vis those around you, whoever they are. Don’t be too hard on them. They cannot support you 24 hours a day or come to console you at the slightest of your calls. Let go of the ballast … and put things into perspective.

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