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How To Let Go Of The Traumas Of The Past

The Traumas Of The Past
The Traumas Of The Past

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Maria Numero

How to get rid of the traumas of the past? The answer does not seem obvious a priori … life is made up of good times and bad times that teach us a lot about ourselves.

However, it is far from easy to overcome a traumatic event when you are concerned in the foreground. Indeed, memories sometimes last for many years. But it is possible to get rid of it. See how …

Past experiences

Each of our experiences makes us who we are.” Nothing more true… But you should know that it is possible to overcome your fears and the negativity caused by your bad memories.

However, to say goodbye to your inner suffering, you have to know how to let go of the traumas of the past! Being able to draw a line between the history and the problems encountered is a natural relief.

Indeed, specific experiences have impacted our minds that they continue to haunt us in everything we do even years later.

It is impossible to see things positively, even if life is often more beautiful than one wants to see it well. So don’t let the positivism that exists around you be obstructed by the negativity of the past because the past no longer exists in the present.

Ask Archangel Metatron for help in unraveling the traumas of the past.

As you know, the Angels are always ready to come to our aid, guide us, and enlighten us when we need it. Archangel Metatron is one of those angels who are always prepared to let go of our traumas from the past.

The help of angels can be beneficial, whatever the area in which we need a helping hand: the physical, the mental, the emotional.

The wounds of the past, even if they happened a long time ago, can haunt a human being for years to come. They can indeed impact the present and make life more difficult than it should be.

But, with the help of the Angel Metatron, even the impossible becomes possible.

A guided exercise

To get help from Archangel Metatron, you have to meditate from the depths of your soul. The first thing to do is find a quiet place where you will feel comfortable. Relax and make sure you can concentrate undisturbed.

Breathe calmly. Focus on your heartbeat to invite your conscious mind to focus on your body.

Make sure you are not being held back by your thoughts. Now that your concentration is at its peak, your heart will open. That’s when you might hear a little voice talking to you.

At that moment, say, “Is there any negativity in me related to a past event that I need to get rid of?”. “

Keep calm. So you may be able to perceive an image or feel some form of energy around you. Emotions will invade you to lead you straight to the answer you expect.

Follow your intuition because it is Metatron himself who will guide you. No one comes close to helping him learn to let go of past traumas.

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