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How to meet your guardian angel

How to meet your guardian angel
How to meet your guardian angel

To get to better understand your angel and to say more effective prayers, you need to know how to meet your guardian angel … And when you do, the connection that will be established between you two will be unparalleled.

Learn here to see your Guardian Angel in a mirror… Whether you are aware of his presence or not, he is never far away. He is indeed always ready to help you, to guide you, to advise you, whatever the situation in which you find yourself.

How do I know who my Guardian Angel is?

Angels are spiritual beings who accompany us from our birth until our last breath.

Guardian Angels are very special angels in that they are personal to us.

Indeed, the divine assigns a Guardian Angel to each human being so that he takes care of us and brings us what we need.

Do you want to know how to see your Guardian Angel in the mirror?

There are many ways to get in touch with your Guardian Angel. Some learn their name, while others skip this step and try to address them directly. The important thing is that you find the way that works best for you.

Find out who your Guardian Angel is and the bonds that exist between you will take on their full meaning.

What does my guardian angel want to tell me?

Your Guardian Angel is your personal angel. He knows everything about you. Impossible to hide anything from him.

If you want to evolve on a spiritual level, you need your Guardian Angel and therefore you must know how to see your Guardian Angel …

Simply because it can lift you to higher levels of consciousness and help you achieve spiritual awakening. You must therefore be able to spot your Guardian Angel.

Do you see an angel? What does that mean ?

The most common way to see your Guardian Angel is to look in the mirror. But to achieve this, you have to know how to see your Guardian Angel in a mirror.

Your Guardian Angel can cover you with love and light to give you a taste for life. And if the environment in which you operate and full of negativity, it is he who can help you get rid of it by emitting positive vibratory frequencies.

When you say a prayer to your Guardian Angel, know that he hears it. Always. But he may not answer them all the time.

To be sure you get an answer, you need to have good intentions and a pure heart.

If you say a prayer to hurt someone, your Guardian Angel will not come to your aid. It is a fact.

How to speak to an Angel?

Your Guardian Angel will send you signs to mark his presence.

Perhaps you will perceive high frequencies, perhaps you will see certain numbers pass repeatedly before your eyes, perhaps you will again come across pieces “by chance”.

Here are three ways that your Guardian Angel could use to get your attention and let you know that he is there for you.

How to see your Guardian Angel

To see his Guardian Angel, he must be summoned. It is therefore necessary first of all to know how to invoke your Guardian Angel.

The best way to do this is to pray to him with good intentions. Without it, your prayer will be listened to but not heard.

Therefore, be aware of the intentions that push you to turn to your Guardian Angel.

Your primary intention should be to communicate with your Guardian Angel.

To do this, relax. Don’t think about anything. Peace of mind is the key to any contact. Concentrate 100% on your prayer because this is your only chance to get to see your Guardian Angel in a mirror.

Once your concentration is at its peak, formulate your prayer. Here’s what it might look like:

” Oh, my Guardian Angel, I invite you to connect with me in order to help me,

to guide and advise me in life. I call for your help because I need peace,

of tranquility. So I turn to your love and

your light in the hope of seeing my life transformed thanks to your

positive vibratory frequencies.

Oh, my Guardian Angel, thank you for always being there for me.

I find refuge in your help which I hope

will cover me with love and light.  “


Once you have said this prayer, you will feel that everything around you is light.

Your heart will then become light and this light will spread throughout your body. Yes, the light of your Guardian Angel will infiltrate you.

This is how you can begin to communicate with your Guardian Angel.

How to meet your guardian angel?

When the light of your Guardian Angel has spread within you, you can then build bridges between you and him.

It’s a bit like finding yourself one-on-one with him. Thanks to this technique, you now know how to see your Guardian Angel in a mirror.

Relax and take a deep breath. Don’t panic even if your emotions are boiling. Feel his presence near you.

Enjoy this special moment with your Guardian Angel. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be for you to formulate the prayer which will aim to ask him to bring you his help and his precious guidance.

Maybe you will hear a small voice say, “Do you need help? “ If this is the case, know that this is not your brain that you speak but your Guardian Angel.

Be open and don’t hesitate to ask what’s on your mind at this time because your Guardian Angel can read your mind.

Do not try to hide anything because that is not how you will come to see your Guardian Angel. Be pure of heart and good intentions when formulating your prayer.

Once said, you will gradually feel the tranquility spreading within you. You will already have the impression that your problem has just been solved.

When the light that has spread through you begins to fade, it is a sign that your Guardian Angel is about to leave. Thank him for closing the contact.

You see your Guardian Angel

When you start to establish communication with your Guardian Angel, you may have trouble seeing him with the naked eye.

This is why the mirror technique is useful and this is why you have just discovered how to see your Guardian Angel in a mirror.

This very simple technique consists of standing in front of your mirror and calling it out. When you have made your call, slowly open your eyes, look in the mirror, and you may be able to see it appear in the reflection by your side.

The ideal is to open your eyes slowly and look directly in the mirror. Why work through a mirror?

Because the light emitted by the Guardian Angels is too powerful for our eyes. Impossible to look her in the face. By opening your eyes slowly, the light will be less aggressive and easier to bear.

When it appears in the mirror in front of you, your heart should start to beat faster. You should then feel a flow of energy flow through you. Stay calm and breathe slowly. Your Guardian Angel only wants your good.

Your Guardian Angel is always there for you

When life gets tough and no one is there to help, don’t think you’re alone.

Your Guardian Angel will always be there for you if your heart is pure and your intentions laudable.

If you need help, advice and guidance, do not hesitate to call on your Guardian Angel. Its purpose is to make your life easier.

The moment you contact your Guardian Angel with your prayer, your life might pass before your eyes, much like a movie.

Still, your Guardian Angel will make sure to establish a quality connection between you.

How to meet your guardian angel? One by one, the different stages of your life could appear in your memory.

You will then understand that your Guardian Angel has always been there since your birth and that he knows all the secrets of your life.

He has the key that will open the doors of happiness for you.

How to see your Guardian Angel

Never ask your Guardian Angel to help you harm anyone.

The Angels are there to help you but they will not answer your prayers if they have a negative purpose. The Angels are there to bring success into your life.

So pray taking this into account and never forget that your Guardian Angel will always be by your side to support you in good times and in bad times.

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