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Invocation To Guardian Angels: The 4 Rules To Respect!

Invocation To Guardian Angels
Invocation To Guardian Angels

Last Updated on January 29, 2021 by Maria Numero

To benefit from all the happiness that you have the right to expect, I come today to give you some little advice, simple but of the greatest importance. To be heard, any invocation , secret or not, must respect 4 essential rules. Find out more about the 4 rules to respect on the invocation of guardian angels .

An Invocation of Guardian Angels must be pure

The mind must be detached from material contingencies as from all bad feelings. How to prepare well ? You must therefore be pure in your heart, but also be pure in your body.

I advise you to wash your face and hands before praying and, if you can, change into a white outfit for the occasion.

In order to be able to address your Guardian Angel, it is vital to know which invocation to use …
But it is even more vital to know who he is! 

Invocation of Guardian Angels – Pray your Guardian Angel to calm

A prayer should be said in a place where you can be sure that you will not be disturbed. You can talk to your Guardian Angel in nature, among the songs of birds, or at home.

But, in this case, first turn off any source of noise pollution (television, radio, household appliances, etc.). However, you can put on soft music to accompany your prayer .

A prayer must be accompanied by the volutes of an incense because the perfumes will put you in vibratory harmony with the etheric planes .

The Angels , more than any other “spirits” are particularly sensitive to fragrances. Remember that they are for them the “subtle vehicles” which will allow them to receive your requests and to descend into your world to grant your wishes .

The Invocation is done in the greatest serenity

I recommend that you breathe deeply at least 9 times before saying your prayer. Never cross your legs or arms to let the celestial energies free to invade you.

You can close your eyes to better concentrate on your words or fix them on the curls of incense to make them rise faster to Heaven.

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