Leo weekly horoscope week of april 26 to may 2

Leo weekly horoscope week

Love and Dating – april 26 to may 2

The ballet of Uranus and Pluto in your sky heralds a turbulent week. You feel suffocated by your partner. You stifle your personality so as not to displease him and fear eventually dissolving yourself. Your concern is valid and legitimate. No spouse deserves your sacrifice of your soul to him. Your nature is sensitive, fine, enthusiastic, sometimes extravagant and you must not change it in a way! If you feel the need to transform yourself to satisfy the other, run away.

Health and Fitness – april 26 to may 2

A small drop in speed to note these recent times. Your organization alerts you in its own way. Nervousness, fatigue or hypersensitivity, pay attention to your body language. By quickly spotting these signs of weakness, you will know how to act on them. Go to bed at reasonable times and choose foods rich in iron or vitamin C during your meals. In case you feel overworked, give yourself breaks once in a while and don’t pull the rope harder.

Work and Money – april 26 to may 2

Your financial situation is affected by your feelings this week. You are a person of great generosity and you want to spoil your loved ones. While a gift is always nice, your family and friends love you first and foremost for who you are. They don’t need you to prove it to them with millions of freebies! For Cancer and Leo ascendants in particular, be sure to preserve your budget. It would be unfortunate to put yourself in a bad position.

Family and friends – april 26 to may 2

It’s not easy to argue with someone close to you. In addition, the subject of discord concerns an accumulation of unspoken. Besides, it’s complicated to get out of it without leaving a part of yourself. To remedy the situation, you must act quickly. In the week following the argument, face your responsibilities by grasping them fully. Therefore, the solution remains with you. Moreover, to resolve this period of conflict, the maturity you are going to demonstrate will impress everyone around you.

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