Libra weekly horoscope week of april 26 to may 2

Libra weekly horoscope

Love and Dating – april 26 to may 2

Seduction and recklessness will be your common thread this week. You will leave out the potentially stifling considerations to fully enjoy it. People in a couple will experience their love lightly, detaching themselves from the stress and tensions of everyday life. Savor this period of serenity, it will do you the greatest good! As for singles, they will be delighted to multiply flirtations and short-lived adventures. No question of asking for the moment!

Health and Fitness – april 26 to may 2

The Moon will enter your sky this week and will bring you some health problems, especially for people of the first and second decan. Digestive disorders, joint pain or respiratory discomfort: you will not be in Olympic form! It will be important that you do not take things lightly if you want to get well quickly. Advice: consult the doctor and follow the treatment he will prescribe. Rest and proper nutrition will also help.

Work and Money – april 26 to may 2

The atmosphere at work is not ideal for you. Electrical clashes between colleagues or pressure linked to an urgent project create an unpleasant atmosphere. In research, frustrations are to be expected. However, do not worry too much, this situation will not last. Keep a low profile and be patient while this passes. Moreover, it may be the opportunity to take an interest in the art of meditation or to take advantage of a moment of calm to go for a massage, in order to release tension.

Family and friends – april 26 to may 2

We know it. Some friendships go beyond those created by the flesh. To make matters worse, a lot of taboos regularly feed stubborn family resentments. This infamous bougla gurgling drives away siblings who no longer communicate or very little. As a result, to confide in your worries for the week, you open up much more easily to your loved ones. Concentrated in a more than restricted circle, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but few remain the pillars of your heart and your mind.

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