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Life path 7, what is life path number 7

life path number 7 meaning
life path number 7 meaning

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The forces of the intelligent, intuitive, pacifist and charitable 7 Life Path

The flaws of the 7 life path pessimistic, lonely, introverted and egocentric

Your life path is the 7:

This path of life encourages reflection and work of the mind. It leads to the spiritual life which explains the great need for calm and independence.

Being able to live a rather solitary life, the natives of the 7 like to develop their interior life and encourage full consciousness.

Wanting to develop a rather intense personal development, the path of life 7 invites knowledge and work of the spirit.

It is a journey that encourages confidence in emotions and intuitions, in addition to the various skills acquired.

The individual vibrations of the life path 7

The objective of your life mission is centered around an interior journey. It must be said that your temperament corresponds very well to these objectives.

A bit of a dreamer and a philosopher, you have personal vibrations already well turned towards this introspection.

And generally speaking, you constantly want to learn and open up to knowledge. Endowed with great intelligence, you are open-minded and very curious.

You are also greatly loved for your wisdom and your highly developed inner wealth. As every thinker does, you predestined yourself in the fields of intellectual, culture or even faith.

You prefer to develop your thoughts than to worry about all the material notions.

And to better refocus on yourself, loneliness is not something that scares you. You just need calm to carry out your reflections. Obviously, loneliness remains a very important fact. You need it to refocus, meditate, recharge your batteries and develop your knowledge.

Afterwards, this need for calm is not understandable by everyone. Some may say that you are cold and distant.

For your relationships to be more serene, especially with those around you, you will need to share your feelings. Indeed, your loved ones need to know you more and understand you better.

The vibrations of the heart of the life path 7

Romantic relationships aren’t always easy with Life Path 7. Yet, when you love someone, it’s often forever. You invest yourself fully to live a beautiful love story.

You also develop many recognized qualities such as generosity, sincerity or loyalty.

After that, one thing is certain: your other half will have to give more than they will receive from you. But on the other hand, she will be conquered by your dedication and your deep feelings.

You are quite uncomfortable with short relationships and you do everything to build a relationship of trust in the long term.

You are a being with great seriousness and it shows. You are ready to do anything to defend your loved one and make life better for two. You are also very loyal and your seriousness remains very much appreciated.

Life path 7 career

In general, it is the activities of the brain that you like to turn to. Indeed, manual activities do not attract you much. You seem to be much more interested in all jobs requiring thought.

You can then express yourself in the teaching profession, by becoming a guide or by developing research work, whether in the field of metaphysics, philosophy or even the spiritual path.

The natives of Life Path 7 work both in sectors related to medicine and in the field of new technologies.

They can be writers or scholars. In any case, they use their qualities of intelligence and intuition to go where their life takes them.

Sometimes introverts in life and at work, they manage to achieve great things and express themselves in their own way. However, they must work on their pessimist so as not to destabilize their professional waves and take their colleagues with them.

Otherwise, they enjoy their work to continue to enrich their intellectual faculties and also develop other abilities throughout their life.

Thanks to their keen intelligence, they learn quickly and always make the maximum effort to understand and explain things.

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