Life Path Bracelet: Calculation Methods and Benefits

life path bracelet

Halfway between lithotherapy and numerology, Life Path bracelets allow you to re-balance your chakras. Offering protection, working on your sensitive points, physical or psychological, discover these talismans.

Rituals or talismans: when the divinatory arts meet, it gives birth to magical creations. Among these, the life path bracelet, straight out of the meeting between lithotherapy and numerology . This fine mix between healing by stones and self-knowledge by numbers, allows you to make a talisman adapted to your personality.

What is a life path bracelet?

1 , 2, 3, 4 … up to 9. If you’re interested in numerology, you’ve probably heard of the Life Path , also known as the personality number. It’s a bit like your zodiac sign in astrology. It allows you to build your profile and discover your love compatibility. Thanks to him, you can then know your good and bad qualities, as well as your strengths and weaknesses . The life path bracelet is therefore the translation of your numerological profile, with stones.

In order to create a tailor-made object for the wearer, the specialists need your personal information, namely: your first names, date of birth, father’s name and your mother’s maiden name. The life path bracelet is made up of 8 stones . “It is therefore from 8 precise calculations, that we can know which stones the person needs,” explains Maria.

  • The basic stone balances our chakras, in other words, our body and our soul.
  • The summit stone symbolizes spirituality. It is connected to the seventh chakras and works on the realization of our aspirations in line with our values.
  • The Life Path stone reveals the best of us. It pushes us to achieve our dreams, while avoiding obstacles.
  • The Call Stone works on our emotions. She helps us heal our wounds.
  • The Personality Stone relates to the duality that is found in each of us. It works our sacred feminine and our sacred masculine, while acting on our expression.
  • The Expression Stone is connected to the Throat Chakra. Obviously, it acts on the way we express ourselves, but also on self-confidence.
  • The touchstone focuses on our adversity. It calms us down and guides us when we need to make decisions or take action.
  • The Wish Stone works on what is most intimate within us. It is also associated with the love we have for ourselves, then for others.

How to calculate the life path bracelet?

For beginners, the different calculation methods may seem a bit complex. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from a specialist. Moonstone, tiger eye, amethyst … ” To make this unique bracelet, we use a panel of 33 stones “. Each result you obtain therefore corresponds to a stone. To understand and know in detail which stones can be found on your Life Path bracelet, go to

Why wear a Life Path bracelet?

Help to communicate, relieve fears, the joints, remove negative people from his entourage … In lithotherapy, stones each have their benefits . “It can affect both physical condition and have psychological effects on those who wear them.” By working on your sensitive points, the bracelet therefore helps you rebalance your chakras . In short, the powers of the stones relieve, restore confidence, soothe.

Life path bracelet: wear it and sleep with it

” It’s up to the person who wears the bracelet to choose how they want to wear it. They must be guided and follow their own feelings .” However, it is important that the energies of the stones are balanced. So avoid accumulating bracelets on one wrist.

The stones are natural, and therefore, fragile. Be careful not to hit them, as they could get damaged or break. The stones continue to act at night, especially when you are dreaming. So you can sleep with it. If you’re not comfortable wearing a bracelet at night, just slip it under your pillow.

How to clean and recharge a path of life bracelet?

Also remember to clean them and recharge them regularly, because they end up draining their energy. You can purify them with frankincense, sage, sandalwood, or river water. Each month, on Full Moon evenings, recharge your stones with lunar water .

To do this, soak your bracelet in a glass, one hour before nightfall in demineralized water. Then place it under the rays of the Full Moon. Take it out of the water before dawn to prevent stones which cannot stand the sun from being exposed to it.

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