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Numerology: Personal year 1

Personal Year Number 1
Personal Year Number 1

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Personal year 1 is a starting year. It will allow you to be on the starting line. It promotes projects, the opportunity to start afresh on new bases for a cycle of nine years.

A priori few obstacles will arise, however it will not favor aid from outside. It will be up to you and you alone to change your old ways, and to look straight ahead using the experiences of the past.

Your personal year corresponds to the vibration of the 1

Generally speaking, personal year 1 is the beginning of a 9-year cycle. This number 1 is the first and it alone concentrates all the energies of the other numbers. 

It represents expansion, creation and power. Its primary vibrations are command, autonomy, will, honors and success. However, it can also be egocentricity, narcissism and ideas of grandeur.

Thus, personal year 1 will allow you to use the experiences of the past so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

These new energies are there to help you materialize your pending projects and also to start new activities.

Don’t hesitate to take a new direction. Dare and learn to fend for yourself so that you can take the reins of your life in hand.

The impression of being alone will live in you. However, this is the only solution to find yourself and assert your will.

Courage, confidence and creativity will be your main assets throughout this year. However, be careful not to impose your freedom to the detriment of that of others.

Control your arrogance and excess anger. And finally, do not let yourself be carried away by your personal ambitions at the risk of consuming your energy reserves and your nervous circuits too quickly.

Personal year 1: Love life

In general, this year at vibration 1 should be lived with relief and happiness. It will give you the opportunity to start again on new bases and to leave behind the emotions, the conflicts, the setbacks often due to the lack of communication.

Depending on your behavior, Personal Year 1 will bring you balance, exchange, peace or imbalance if your ego takes over your life.

If you are in a relationship, this year at vibration 1 will ask you not to doubt yourself and your partner. You will have to seek conciliation so as not to bring old grievances to the fore.

So enjoy the favors that Year 1 offers you, but don’t try to seduce another partner under this new beginning.

Although your influence over others is strengthened this year, now is not the time to take advantage of it, as it will backfire. In short, don’t play seducer.

If you are single, recover from the emotions of years past and enjoy this new flow of energy that is available to you. This could take the form of an affair or a new love that binds you to the future.

However, do not go too fast, so as not to frighten the other. Channel your hyperemotivity so as not to get irritated at the slightest annoyance.

You will have all the assets in hand to stabilize your emotional life or change what needs to be.

Personal year 1: Silver

The personal year 1 will seek to bring you great prospects for development which will help to achieve your financial ambitions. However, it requires good possibilities for personal initiative and decision.

You will need tenacity and confidence. You will have to rely only on yourself to overcome obstacles with conviction.

In short, your success can only be acquired through merit. Selfishness, pride, vanity, impulsiveness, impatience and dishonesty do not have to be the ingredients of your success.

Do not use these vibrations to exercise your power over others. It would turn against you very quickly.

Personal year 1: Work and activities

Personal year 1 will focus on work as a priority. Anything can happen: promotion, transfer, change or setting up of new projects committing you in the long term.

To do this, you should not hesitate to highlight your skills, make yourself known, be daring and above all dare.
This year is presented under favorable conditions.

It can allow you to carry out important projects, to create your own business if this is your desire. Its aspects are motivating to start something new.

To fully live this Personal Year 1, you will need to make your own decisions, listen to your intuition and avoid associations of all kinds. Beware of the advice of others. You have to build your future on a solid foundation.

Conversely, if you let yourself be overwhelmed by hypersensitivity, fear of failure, laziness, and lack of confidence, this will considerably slow down your progress.

Personal year 1: Health

This personal year 1 will inhabit you with strength and courage. You will be advised not to use your energy to use and abuse excesses of all kinds.

You will also need to channel your hyperemotivity, your susceptibility, your anger and stress.

Your sensitive point in personal year 1 will be the head, especially the frontal area, the eyes. The risks of bruises, sinusitis, migraines may be bothersome.

Your diet should be controlled and balanced.

To put an end to these small troubles, oxygenate yourself and practice walking and physical exercises. And, if that’s not enough, practice laughter therapy, or relaxation.

Personal year 1: How to live it well

To live well your personal year 1, you must at all costs avoid laziness, inaction, and not wait for the help of providence.
No mental or emotional hesitation should slow down your progress.

It would be a shame to put some unnecessary brakes on a start-up year.

Do not fall into the trap of associations. It would not be profitable for you and would not last long. Take your boat and not that of others to move forward.

Be bold, insightful and also versatile. Widen the horizon of your possibilities with your efficiency. Be the example of the fighter.

Wake up those who hang around or hesitate behind you. Use your soul as a leader, without crushing or tyrannizing over others.

However, patience will sometimes be recommended, because you will have to sow before reaping. September will be a decisive month for the crowning of your efforts.

This year 1 will therefore allow you to regain confidence in yourself and in your possibilities. It will also give you the opportunity to move positively towards the future.

Personal year 1: numerology forecasts for 2021

If the number that corresponds to your personal year is 1, in 2021, expect to experience moments of great emotion, both in the private and in the professional sphere.

Love and encounters for personal year 1 in 2021

The year 2021 seems to mark the end of a cycle and the start of a new life path. If you are single, you might meet someone who will be of utmost importance in the months to come.

Be on your guard because your lack of self-confidence could play tricks on you and you could miss the opportunity. If you’re in a relationship, maybe it’s time to rekindle the flames of desire!

Do you find that your partner is not paying enough attention to you?

Give yourself an enchanted break to escape from your daily life.

It would be wise to plan a short trip or a romantic weekend as soon as the good weather arrives in order to rediscover the passion of the beginnings of your relationship.

Job for personal year 1 in 2021

After a year 2020 which was distinguished by many unforeseen events, 2021 promises to be just as rich in twists and turns.

Expect to be entrusted with an important assignment that could open up new opportunities for you.

It looks like your talent is finally about to be recognized and your hierarchy is likely to come up with an offer you never dared to think of.

If you’re looking for a job, the horizon brightens frankly at the end of the first semester.

Persevere in the path that you have been following for a few months already, you should quickly be rewarded for the many efforts you have put in.

Health and fitness for personal year 1 in 2021

Pay attention to listening to yourself more or you may soon regret it. You are not always aware of the limits of your body and this could have more or less long term repercussions.

While it is advisable to practice physical activity on a regular basis, it is also essential to know how to stop in time.

This summer, in order to preserve your health, absolutely avoid excess, especially if you have suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure.


Be thrifty and don’t throw money away! You might be tempted to indulge in reckless expenses that will lead to blame from your family.

Indeed, an unexpected inflow of money during the second semester cannot be ruled out.

This would be the time to realize a project that has been close to your heart for a long time but that you had postponed because your financial means did not allow it.

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