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Numerology: what does your first name mean?

what is first name in numerology meaning
what is first name in numerology meaning

Our first name is the mirror of our personality. In numerology, the letters that compose it correspond to numbers, and these reflect our character, reveal our ambitions and aspirations. Find out quickly what your first name means!

In numerology, numbers say a lot about us . The path of life indicates the course of a life, the number of attitude informs on the first impression which one makes … The personal number, him, reflects our deep personality. Quickly find out your personal figure!

How to calculate your personal number?

First, add the numbers that correspond to the letters of your first name by following the table below.

If the number obtained exceeds 9, reduce it by adding the two digits that compose it.

Example: your name is Annie. A = 1, N = 5, N = 5, I = 9, E = 5. Add

the numbers: 1 + 5 + 5 + 9 + 5 = 25. 2 + 5 = 7. Your number is therefore 7.

Your personal number is 1 : go for it!

An iron fist in a velvet glove … Your strong character sometimes causes you harm, but no question of softening you: you are as you are, whether you like it or not! At least you have the merit of putting your cards on the table.

Your friends know they can count on your loyalty.

As for the heart, you have no trouble expressing your feelings, and you get straight to the point. The “I love you, me neither”, very little for you … You claim your independence, but do not support that your relatives move away from you. Loneliness worries you.

On the professional plan,you are not the type to pass up your chance! Moreover, your colleagues sometimes deem you opportunistic … Your creativity directs you more towards artistic professions, unless you decide to set up your own business.

Your personal number is 2 : on edge …

At first glance, you are judged cold, distant. But it is bad to know you because under your icy shell, you are extremely sensitive! Sarcasm and irony protect you from disappointment … How many times have you placed your trust in people who did not deserve it?

As for your heart, you are looking for someone who will understand you and (above all) protect you. Sensual, you know how to play with your charms to make them all fall into your nets …

But beware, for you, marriage is sacred! Deep down, you are a great romantic.

At work, you excel in communication professions.

Your personal number is 3 : between intuition and imagination

You have the soul of an artist! Drawing, singing, dancing … You thrive in creative activities, and you have a vivid imagination.

Your intuition is a bit like your sixth sense: you trust it completely to make the (right) decisions. However, in love as in business, you are pragmatic and you cannot stand hypocrisy or long empty speeches … With you, the solutions must be concrete and immediate.

Curious, you are drawn to unusual experiences.

In love, you are the type to flutter … But there is no question of committing yourself “for real” without being sure of yourself: your suitor will have to pass a series of tests before being definitively admitted into your heart!

On the professional plan,you are above all looking for moral recognition. You need to be encouraged, praised and supported to be your best. But be careful: learn to distinguish sincere compliments from self-interested praise …

Your personal number is 4 : prudence, prudence …

Spontaneity is not your thing. In your life, everything must be tidy, organized, planned, otherwise it will panic! At work, you are afraid of responsibilities: you prefer to serve a superior rather than take control. Your natural prudence prompts you not to venture into unknown

territory … Ditto in love: you need time before giving up yourself. However, once you are sheltered in your cozy nest, you know how to support your partner, and help him achieve his ambitions. You dream of having children.

On the financial side, you are the ant type: you save carefully and you are (almost) never in the red. And when that happens, your sense of resourcefulness allows you to bounce back quickly.

Your personal number is 5 : stop the routine!

Change, the unexpected, the novelty, you love it! Ultra curious, you are determined to try everything, and extreme experiences do not scare you.

At first revolted against family authority, you very early on decided to take your responsibilities head on. On the surface you seem shy, yet you can show incredible composure, especially in the most difficult situations. Behavior that reassures your loved ones …

Emotionally, you do not accept compromises. You love a lot, passionately, madly … or not at all. With you, no half measures!

At work, you are attracted to the tourist sector or to a liberal profession, in order to maintain your autonomy.

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Your personal number is 6 : romanticism, always

You are waiting for Prince Charming!

On the heart side, passionate declarations of love capsize you, and you need tenderness and little sweet words to be fulfilled. Warning: your indecisive nature may confuse your partner. He suffers from not being able to identify your motivations and your desires. It is in family that you express your sensitivity best.

Secretly, you dream of grandiose projects … but unachievable. Do not cut yourself off from reality: by locking yourself too much in your shell, you risk wasting your talents! Fortunately, you have a knack for surrounding yourself with people you trust who help keep your feet on the ground.

At work,you are sometimes criticized for being too distant. On the financial side, you easily give in to “favorite” purchases … and you feel guilty.

Your personal number is 7 : a great capacity for analysis

Under your mysterious little air, you hide incredible observation and analysis skills. Moreover, when you give them advice, your loved ones follow them to the letter!

Parents and friends imagine you melancholy, when you are only focused on yourself, getting to know yourself better. You are the queen of introspection.

In love, for you, there is no chance. Love at first sight, ruptures … It’s written in advance, you can’t escape it. However, your tendency to flee relationships that are too intense may well make you miss out on a great story … Too bad!

Professionally,you are not afraid to take training, or even go back to school. You owe your success only to your own efforts. Your currency ? Only work leads to success!

Your personal number is 8 : what an ambition!

Projects, you always have a mess! Visionary, you have the soul of a leader: you command, and the others obey you without arguing. And on arrival, we recognize your merits.

In the office, your ambition always pushes you higher: the role of assistant, very little for you … But the fear of being dethroned makes you suspicious of your colleagues. Impulsive, you don’t hesitate to take risks to achieve your goals. Fortunately, your strong character allows you to never give up …

In love, it is you who lead the boat: you persuade your partner to follow you with his eyes closed. And you manage your accounts with an iron fist!

Time softens your temper: first admired, then you are loved for who you really are. You learn to put water in your wine … while reserving the right to give in to passion.

Your personal number is 9 : idealism …

You dream of a peaceful and harmonious world … You are the idealist of the family! You are vulnerable to lies and betrayal. Yet, when the going gets tough, you are able to scramble to resolve issues asap. No question of remaining passive in the face of difficult situations!

At work, you always act methodically and consistently. You defend the projects that are important to you … but you do not hesitate to ask for an increase when you deem it justified. Be wary of abuse of power though: some might take advantage of your incredible work force to impose an exhausting pace on you.

Your friends know they can count on you: you are the best confidant.

Heart side,some bad experiences left painful scars. You no longer believe in true love, and you do not accept that we play with your feelings! Courage, you will eventually find the one you need …

What do your initials mean?

Your name’s initials have things to say about you too! They sum up your personality, and give it an even more personal signature.

Is right. Ambitious spirit.

B: Emotion. Artistic sense.
C: Intuition. Quick intelligence.
D: Action. Analytical mind.
E: Action. Independent nature.
F: Intuition. Need of recognition.
G: Reason. Logical mind.
H: Reason. Business knowledge.
I: Emotion. Interpersonal skills.
J: Reason. Curiosity of mind.
K: Intuition. Lonely nature.
L: Reason. Romantic nature.
M: Action. Constructive spirit.
N: Reason. Sense of negotiation.
O: Emotion. Introverted nature.
P: Reason. Stubborn temperament.
Q: Intuition. Power of persuasion.
A: Emotion. Passionate nature.
S: Emotion. Practical sense.
T: Emotion. Versatile temperament.
U: Intuition. Dedicated nature.
V: Intuition. Sense of initiative.
W: Emotion. Flexibility of mind.
X: Emotion. Ambiguous nature.
Y: Intuition. Indecisive temperament.
Z: Emotion. Sense of justice.

For more precision in numerology , calculate your personal year and your life path whether it is 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and 9 or even your luck number

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