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Open your 4th chakra, anahata or heart chakra

4th chakra heart chakra
4th chakra heart chakra

Last Updated on December 19, 2020 by Maria Numero

The heart chakra that is present in all of us must be open and well balanced to ensure a better life. To activate it, there are some simple techniques to adopt on a daily basis.

What is the heart chakra? Where is he ?

To begin with, you should know that we all have chakras buried in each of us. These are energy centers which have as main roles to connect the different energy channels of the body. Man has 7 main chakras which are located along the spine.

The heart chakra is the chakra that is directly related to love and your relationship with others. It is the 4th chakra which is also called “Anahata” and which is attached to the color green. The Heart Chakra is located in the middle of the chest, on the breastbone. This chakra is thus responsible for receiving the energies of the other six chakras. He transforms them to achieve unconditional love.

Thus, the heart chakra unites the three lower chakras which are rich in emotional energies and the three virtuous upper chakras of mental and spiritual energies. As such, it is this chakra that empowers you to love, give, and accept. Also, it helps you indulge in a “deep self”.

The heart chakra also allows you to love yourself, learn to love others, and receive love from others in return. The heart chakra is the element that is attached to air. Its energy is especially related to breathing and its movements. It goes back to the idea of ​​connection with everything.

The heart chakra symbol is formed by a circle made up of twelve petals, a triangle that points downward which is interwoven with another that points upward. Together, the two triangles form a six-pointed star or a hexagram.

How to open your heart chakra?

Getting ready is an important step in opening the heart chakra. Waking up past or repressed emotions is not trivial and can sometimes cause fear. However, the game is well worth the candle, because opening your heart chakra allows you to reach a new level of emotional balance.

In addition, the heart chakra is the chakra that opens up access to compassion. This is the center of intuition, detachment and forgiveness. So, if you open your heart chakra , you will feel less aggressive, less angry, and less resentful. You will also have a lot more confidence in yourself.

You will trust others more. Moreover, Indian philosophy indicates that opening the heart chakra allows one to feel unconditional love which, in most cases, is buried behind the sufferings and pains of the past.

To open your heart chakra , you must above all adorn yourself with positive intentions. Indeed, the chakras , just like the gemstones, absorb and feed on positive intentions. All you have to do is fill yourself with good thoughts and say to yourself, for example, “I open myself to love”, “I know how to love and be loved”, “I feel compassion” or even “I love person that I am ”.

To activate the power behind these powerful phrases, you only need to visualize the color green which is the iconic color of the heart chakra .

In parallel, to open the Anahata, you can also do dynamic relaxation in sophrology. Just shrug your shoulders (called shoulder pumping) in short cycle. You can also do reels with your arms… Indeed, there is nothing simpler to activate the energy of the heart chakra . You just have to do chest stretching exercises up and down.

Alternatively, you can also do meditation to activate your heart chakra . Know indeed that daily meditations promote the washing of the body and the mind of all the tensions accumulated during the day which can cause a blockage of energies or worse, pain. A 30-minute session a day may be enough to help you evacuate them. During your sessions, you must visualize the color green.

And finally, know that you can also open your heart chakra with the benefits of lithotherapy. Indeed, natural stones have the ability to vibrate on the same frequency. No matter what your demands are on the day, the stones always maintain the same level of energy. It is therefore advisable to wear a balanced lithotherapy jewel so that it can act as a compass for the heart chakra .

How to unblock the heart chakra?

One of the best ways to unlock the heart chakra is to do yoga. Indeed, if you want to unblock your heart chakra , you must adopt certain specific positions.

You can for example adopt the posture of the cobra , whose movements are simple. You have to lie down on your stomach, joining your legs and feet. Place your hands close to your shoulders and rest your forearms on the floor. When you inhale, you should gently lift your chest and head upwards, but do not put too much strain on your neck or arms. To lift your torso, you can use the strength of your legs.

There is also the posture of the warrior . Spread your legs and turn the right foot 90 °. Bend the right leg to form a right angle. Line up your right knee with your right ankle. You should then bring your palms together and look straight ahead. Hold this position for a few breaths.

Finally, you can bet on the camel pose . To do this, you must kneel down, keeping your feet perfectly together. Place your hands on the lower back with the fingers pointing down. Then breathe deeply while holding this position for a few minutes.

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