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Personal year 2: numerology forecasts for 2021

Personal Year Number 2
Personal Year Number 2

The year 2021 promises to be exceptional if your personal year is the 2nd. Personal and professional celebrations are to be expected, despite some financial disappointments.

Personal year 2 : Love and encounters

Someone you haven’t seen in years is about to return to your life and it might not be without consequences. If you are single, all the lights are green, do not hesitate to give in to the feelings that are about to invade you.

For people who are in a relationship, the situation may be more complicated to manage and you may be faced with a difficult choice.

In order not to upset the sensibilities of the people who matter to you, pay attention to the advice of those around you, which will turn out to be more judicious than you think at first.

Do not let your emotions get over you and estimate the consequences of your actions, otherwise you might regret it bitterly.

Personal year 2 : Job

It looks like you are about to reap the rewards of your investment over the past few months. If 2020 has called into question many of your certainties, 2021 promises to be more favorable.

Now is the time to ask your hierarchy for a raise or to negotiate a better job change.

For those who are looking for a job, an opportunity that it would be a shame not to seize might arise during the first half of the year, but, if you want to take advantage of it, you may have to make some compromises. .

Personal year 2 : Health and fitness

You will feel in Olympic form, and ready to move mountains. However, be careful not to overestimate your physical capacities, otherwise you will suffer the consequences.

Indeed, in spite of a good general shape, you must absolutely spare your muscles and your joints under penalty of potentially disabling pathologies if you do not treat the problem correctly.

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you so you know how to stop before it’s too late!

Personal year 2 : Silver

Depending on your life path for this new year that begins, you may be faced with an unforeseen expense in the middle of the year that may strain your budget for the months to come.

Do not be disconcerted by this situation and accept the help that will spontaneously come from your loved ones. Know how to put your pride aside, it will help you get through this somewhat difficult course.

The trend seems to be reversing at the end of the year, and the final weeks of 2021 could bring good news when it comes to your finances.

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