Prayer to archangel michael, the highest ranking of all the angels

Prayer to archangel michael

Why Discover the Prayer to Archangel Michael? Archangel Michael is the angel of courage, strength, clarity and protection. All the Archangels are under his control. Praying to Archangel Michael is a good way to gain protection and strength when going through difficult times. 

Archangel Michael is the most respected angel by Islam, Christianity or the Torah. His name appears in the three main religions but his life course and his contribution to humanity go far beyond any religion. Discover the Prayer to Archangel Michael

Prayer to Archangel Michael for more Protection

Praying to Archangel Michael makes it possible to multiply, among other things, love, positivism and strength. The role of this Archangel is to preserve the creatures of God against all spiritual and physical damage.

Praying to this angel does not require long hours of spiritual practice. You just have to put your heart into it and devote your full attention to this exercise. It is important to know how to pray  for protection and to get sound advice  that will help you take the right direction. 

Why pray for Protection and Counsel to take the right direction

There are as many ways to pray as there are prayers to say. You can address your prayers to him every day at sunrise to benefit from protection or to benefit your loved ones. Before going to bed, you can say a prayer if you want to protect your soul.

Indeed, at this time of the day, it will reach the etheric havens where the ascending masters are located. Also, whenever you need to receive guidance and protection from God (for yourself or for those who need it), you can recite the Prayer to Archangel Michael.

The advantage here is that you don't have to worry about making your prayer formal. Therefore, you will not be able to find an excuse (too little time to force prayers in a busy daily life) or indulge in laziness.

Praying to Archangel Michael is very simple. Indeed, it is very fast and very easy to get in touch with it. This competent angel is always available and ready to come to the aid of anyone who calls on him.

To address your prayers to him, you must start by:

“Archangel Michael, protect me and guide me…” or “Archangel Michael is bonding with me right now…” (either mentally or orally). It is more of an invocation than a prayer.

It is an invitation made to Michael so that he brings you his angelic help as soon as you want it.

How to pray to ask for Protection, Strength and Advice

Once you have said your prayer, you will feel that the angel Michael has clearly opened the door for you to the alliance of divine love and the greatest well-being.

He will also ask the other angels to work towards the accomplishment of your will. Now here is how to pray.


Visualize Archangel Michael as a magnificent angel, decked out in exceptional armor and wearing a dazzling ocean blue cloak. Imagine it in front of you, behind you, on your right, on your left, above you, below you and even inside you.

Visualize him accompanied by a horde of angels, the very ones who will guide and protect you wherever you go. Close your eyes and imagine Archangel Michael, a burning cobalt sword in his hand, working to let go of the negativity that tries to keep your soul from spreading its wings.

This angel is able to rid you of this negativity. USE his powers wisely.

Start an intro

Begin Prayer to Archangel Michael by addressing this almighty, adored and victorious God. So say:

” I pray to Archangel Michael as well as the angels who accompany him. I ask you to listen to my prayer.

I also pray to bring a little warmth to all these suffering souls!”

Prayer to Archangel Michael – Simple prayer

When the time comes to conclude your prayer, don't forget to say thank you and I took this opportunity by the will of God:

” Archangel Michael, I ask you to give me your light and grant me your protection throughout the day.

Stay by my side. Direct my actions and my words so that they direct me to this place of love.

I ask you to cleanse my vibrations and energies so that they are free from negative thoughts and beliefs. Free me from my fears.

Help me to experience the fullest light, love and joy that is in each passing minute. Guide me to the greatest good there is. So be it. “

This prayer remains very general. So you can add your personal wishes and prayers to it as you wish.

Prayer to Archangel Michael – Do it regularly and believe in him.

When you make a firm decision to do something every day (and stick to it), after a while, you start doing that action subconsciously.

And, one day, it becomes a habit. So take the time to pray for the best possible protection, protection that will accompany you every day.

The prayer spoken will work for you while you sleep. The reason is simple: when you are asleep, your mind is open and your human alter ego has no way of interfering.

If you are having difficulty and the going gets tough in your life, you MUST Prayer to Archangel Michael. She will show you the way forward in order to maintain a calm and well-applied state of mind and soul.

Believe me, this Prayer will be your best ally in getting rid of all negativity. It will give you the means to say goodbye once and for all to the negative and disturbing thoughts that occupy your mind!

Maria Numero

I am a simple women with a surprising Gift of Medium . This powerful divinatory power allows me to establish angelic connections and more precisely to invoke and speak to Angels.

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Prayer to archangel michael