Sagittarius weekly horoscope week of april 26 to may 2

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Love and Dating – april 26 to may 2

Your monochrome view of the world makes it difficult for you to live. Under the influence of Pluto, you thirst for the absolute and no longer distinguish the nuances. Your partner is adorable or abominable, your relationship eternal or doomed, in short, with you two, not of them. Less clear-cut and less definitive words would have the advantage of reassuring your partner, who is sometimes unsettled by your positions. Single, your sense of formulas and your tongue-in-cheek humor are wreaking havoc.

Health and Fitness – april 26 to may 2

You will be confident this week under the effects of the planet Mars! Your endurance will not leave you with a sole. With that healthy heart, it’s a good time for running, swimming or aerobics. Maintain this favorable physical condition by eating “friendly” foods such as fish, brown rice and vegetables. Also prefer the antioxidants found in nuts or red fruits. You will thus regulate your metabolism and keep your energy.

Work and Money – april 26 to may 2

Quiet week ahead: you have few interesting tasks or opportunities. This allows you to breathe after a very intense period on the work side. You sometimes border on boredom, the activity is so thin. Don’t let this fleeting calm put you to sleep: an unexpected proposition could come to you at the end of the week. On the financial side, no new things in prospect: you keep your capital, which allows you to peacefully plan the next expenses, which could prove to be important.

Family and friends – april 26 to may 2

Burn the one important thing to remember your week. Thanks to it, you will have a great time with your friends. Essential to your life, your pillars have always shown you support and affection. So, why not bring them together for a good dinner? This convivial moment gives you the opportunity to exchange memories with some and share anecdotes with others. The eyes reflect the soul as the laughter warms it. What a joy to feel so loved!

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