Scorpio Tomorrow Horoscope – Wednesday 19th May, 2021

Scorpio weekly horoscope
Scorpio weekly horoscope

Last Updated on May 18, 2021 by Maria Numero

Sentimentally, the Scorpio is very attractive.

Your love life

Let’s say it right off the bat, it won’t be an idyllic day. This square placement may disturb you all day. On the heart side, whether you are a couple or single, you will question everything, and you will have an unfortunate tendency to be provocative, which is likely to strongly displease your partner or the chosen one of your heart. . And if you don’t have anyone, you will be completely demotivated, even embittered. There are days like this … It will pass.

Your professional life

At work, you will be in a terrible mood. Everything annoys you. Try not to interfere in the discussions, as you may be making rather very nasty comments that could backfire on you. Stay in your corner, and wait for better days. Just do what you have to do, that will be good enough.

Your finances

This is not the day to be counted on, you will understand. So, if you are in the process of dealing with money, put it off until later. This square, between Jupiter and the Sun, robs you of common sense and lucidity, and you could get into tricky situations.

Your well-being

It is essential that you find a way to let go of all that you have accumulated and internalized. Otherwise, your body is very likely to call you to order. If you play sports, put on your sneakers … If you don’t, indulge in one of your favorite activities. Do not force any more on the machine.

Family and entourage

You will tend to let off steam on your loved ones. Even if they know you well, they will have a hard time accepting your criticisms, especially if you express them in a sly or sly way. Prefer silence. Isolate yourself, and calm down. You will be more able to view things with less resentment and more clarity.

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