Scorpio weekly horoscope week of april 26 to may 2

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Love and Dating – april 26 to may 2

Your love life will be doing wonderfully well this week! For people in a relationship, you will be on cloud nine! The atmosphere will be light and angelic: you will be in symbiosis with your spouse. So take advantage of this serenity and this sweetness in your relationship. For single people, you will want to flirt, to meet people without asking yourself too many questions. You won’t be looking for a serious story, but rather a carefree story.

Health and Fitness – april 26 to may 2

You will be doing wonderfully for the next few days. No shadow on the board. You will instinctively meet all your needs: move, dance or even sing at the top of your lungs! It is also a good time to develop your resistance and endurance capacity. Tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, running, swimming: train with the sport you love! This will keep you motivated. Regularity offers much better health. Just like the pleasure of the practice.

Work and Money – april 26 to may 2

Your financial horizon is in good times. You manage your budget well, to ensure satisfactory financial stability. Sheltered from budget worries, you’ll be in the mood to try your hand at gambling or to embark on large but measured investments. And that’s good: the planet Jupiter is located in house V, luck should smile on you this week! Thanks to your thoughtful management and a little luck, you will be able to make your money grow!

Family and friends – april 26 to may 2

Sometimes temporality can work in your favor. Indeed, the solution may lie in the way your week will unfold. Rest assured. Everything remains under the increased surveillance of your friends, but also of the planet Jupiter. Thanks to its presence in your sky, the right decision should be obvious to you. Moreover, we predict a snowball effect and ricochet on those left pending. So, adjust them one after the other, combining parsimony and maturity.

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