Taurus tomorrow horoscope – Wednesday May 19

Taurus horoscope for the week

The Taurus is honest and frank in love, especially when he feels invested in his emotional life.

Your love life

If the Moon’s influxes, when it is well aspected, are rather favorable on the heart side, it is different when it is in opposition. This configuration is fraught with doubt and a feeling of frustration. You will not really be on your plate … and your partner will have a hard time following you. Singles will also be swept away by a feeling of melancholy. You are like disappointed, demotivated. Rest assured, better days are promised to you very soon.

Your professional life

At work, if you work this Wednesday, the carelessness transmitted by Jupiter may make you make some mistakes. It will therefore be necessary to redouble our vigilance. Nothing serious, but it could waste a lot of your time or put a few colleagues at risk. So, this Wednesday, try to keep your feet on the ground.

Your finances

This position of the planets makes you lose a little lucidity and you will tend to spend lavishly. You want to please yourself and especially to please others. It’s to your credit, but for some you can’t really afford it. Try to stay clear-headed.

Your well-being

The shape is not great, Taurus friends. And you have felt, for the past few days, that fatigue is winning over you. Indeed, you know your limits and you know that you are about to exceed them. So, try to curb the phenomenon especially by controlling your food excesses, for example …

Family and entourage

Everyone around you will notice your carelessness of the day. And if some people appreciate it and are happy to see you fulfilled, others (and especially a person) will tend to abuse it. Also, as in the labor sector, it will be necessary to be vigilant. This danger is especially at the level of the friendly circle. Pay attention.

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