The Archangels

The Seven Archangels

In the sacred books, the archangels manifest themselves in different circumstances in equally manifold forms. It is always difficult to broach a subject such as the archangels because it is a theme which can seem cryptic.

First of all because the representations made of it differ slightly according to beliefs. Finally, in this article, we will also be interested in Archangel Akatriel who, even if he is not one of the 7 main archangels, well deserves that we dwell on him for a moment.

Difference between angels and archangels

This article therefore intends to shed light on the archangels in order to be able to answer the following questions: “who are the archangels?” And “Are there differences between angels and archangels?” You know what angels are but do you know who archangels are?

The difference between the two is not obvious, which makes things confusing. Angels each play an important role, both in the Hereafter and here on earth. The archangels, for their part, fulfill very specific missions and the bond which unites them to God is deeper.

We all have a Guardian Angel watching over us; some of us even have several. The archangels are also mentioned in sacred texts and considered as an extension of God because it is through them that he carries out his work.

It is important to know  who are the Angels, the Archangels and especially who is his Guardian Angel Protector. Do you know ? Your Guardian Angel can guide you to this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

Who are the archangels

The archangels are estimated to number 15, or even more (according to some, they would be hundreds). Seven of them are mentioned more often than others; these are the 7 main archangels that I am delivering to you here: Michaël, Raphaël, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Azrael and Chamuel.

To these 7 archangels is added Akatriel, which we will also discuss in this article. To better understand who they are, you have to know what role they play.


The name of the Archangel Chamuel means “the one able to see God”. He is not only able to see God with his own eyes, as we see a wall or a television screen, but he is also able to perceive the field of vibrational energies emanating from him.

Indeed, each element composing the universe emits a vibratory energy whose speed varies. Chamuel sees the links that unite all these vibrations, which allows him to understand the relationships that operate.

He is even able to unravel the links that unite the angels and the archangels. Its purpose is to help those whose energy frequency is low.

For this, it is based on education and peace. It instills a positive state of mind and seeks to erase anxiety or any form of fear.


Archangel Azrael is one of those archangels that we all know in one form or another. Well known as the Angel of Death, Azrael's role is to help everyone deal with any situation involving death.

It comes to the aid of any lost soul or those whose life on earth continues after the departure of a loved one. Make no mistake, it's not Azrael who leads to death: he doesn't provoke it in any way, he just wants to help when it strikes.


Ariel (one of the only female archangels) protects nature and its occupants. She intends to make the world peaceful. Not for the man to become better but for the good of any form of life sharing the earth with the human being.

She is well aware that the balance of the ecosystem is vital for the whole universe to remain functional. That's not to say that she isn't helping human beings… Ariel is leading the way for those who need it to find the necessary resources such as food and water.


The Archangel Jophiel is one of a kind. Indeed, its power is not put at the service of the environment or of peace but of creative minds: artists, writers, musicians, architects, even actors.

His goal is not so much to multiply the creative capacities (although he is capable of it) but rather to help the creators to keep control of their egos. The power of all creative thought and the little something extra each brings is fully recognized by angels and archangels.


The most famous archangels are those which appear in the Bible. This is the case with Archangel Gabriel . His donations aim to improve communication in all its forms. This is also why he is often described as an archangel messenger.

Gabriel is always happy to help anyone when it comes to communication, whether this communication takes place between a father and her son, between a mother and her baby, between a teacher and her student, between a manager and his employee… this list is far from exhaustive!

Gabriel can also help with communication issues related to negative energies such as anxiety.


Although many people believe that his role is to maintain order, Archangel Raphael works instead on all forms of physical and psychic healing. This means that it helps to heal wounds such as broken bones but also to treat illnesses, both physical and psychological such as depression and anxiety.

He also spiritually heals those who have strayed from the right path, those who have seen their beliefs crumble. Raphael is the archangel who watches over travelers the most. Indeed, each trip (in a group or alone) always involves an element of risk. It is for this reason that Raphael tries to protect them.


Archangel Michael could hardly be closer to God. He is reputed to be the archangel of righteousness, justice and mercy. He intends to ensure that justice is respected while avoiding the use of violence.

Unlike previous archangels,  Archangel Michael is often portrayed with a sword in his hand. This represents his fight for fair justice as well as his courage… The courage he pushes us all to show.

Archangel Akatriel

Finally, let's take a look at Archangel Akatriel. We hear very little about this archangel, but the fact remains that he is very important. Sometimes described as a man, sometimes as a woman, the role Akatriel plays between the angels and the archangels is fundamental.

He is considered the Prince of the Archangels. Its name means “the crown of the origin of all life”. Archangel Akatriel intends to unite all beliefs for one and the same cause intended to better understand God and the message he wants to convey.

Although this cause is noble, the task is practically impossible to fulfill as some within different religions have chosen to ignore these messages in order to continue to divide.

By listening to Archangel Akatriel, we can better understand the message of God and help the angels and archangels to carry out their mission, that is to say to make humanity more peaceful.

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