The link between angels in numbers

Angels in Numbers

The connection between angels and numbers shouldn't surprise you. Indeed, numerology plays a major role in all aspects of spiritual life. Angel numbers, like white feathers, are used by angels to signal their presence and send a message. 

Our spiritual development depends on our ability to interpret these numbers and understand what they mean. Here we are going to take a look at the connection between angels and numbers. We will also be interested in the purposes behind angel numbers and the best ways to interpret them.

What are Angel Numbers?

Maybe you are asking yourself “What is my angel number”“? “How to find your angel number”“? “What does he mean”? Angel numbers are used to communicate! The numbers themselves are not directly related to any particular angel.

For example, the angel number 313 does not relate to a specific angel but rather to a well-defined message. Indeed, the angel numbers carry coded messages. By combining the numbers, the angels relay messages carrying a specific meaning linked to a situation that is just as important.

Angels and numbers

If your angel feels that you need his advice, he will pass one or more angel numbers before your eyes to send you a message. Angels and numbers are linked in such a way that it is impossible for the human spirit to perceive it because of the immeasurable vibrational energy that inhabits them.

Why communicate in this way?

You may be wondering why angels and numbers are related to each other. Why don't angels send us clearer messages and why don't they manifest to us more directly?

To answer this question, we must take the difference of universes in which we evolve into consideration. Even if the Angels are spiritual beings superior to men (their vibratory energy being much more important than that which spreads in us), communicating with us from the divine remains a rather difficult task.

There is an important thing that you should know: these numbers are not sent in a physical way to human beings that we are, no… They appear in front of us (example, the number 1122 ) for our subconscious to detect them. Angel numbers are actually numbers that aim to activate the subconscious at the request of the angels.

The day when we perceive angel numbers, it is of course advisable to interpret them bearing in mind that the angels have good reasons for sending us such or such a figure.

They wouldn't send numbers if they knew it would be impossible for us to understand them and interpret the message they want to convey.

Some of us will understand immediately what this or that angel number means thanks to our intuition, while others will have to resort to certain methods to decipher them.

Guide to the Interpretation of Angels and Numbers

The connection between angels and numbers can seem difficult to understand. Indeed, the same angel number can have a different meaning depending on the angel who sends it.

To fully understand the message conveyed by angel numbers, you have to work on your intuition and trust it. Here, we will focus on the key elements that allow the correct interpretation of angel numbers.

Basic figures

An angel number can consist of one number, as well as two, three, or even ten numbers. No matter how many digits it contains, the way to interpret it will be the same: you have to focus on the basic digits.

What are the basic numbers, will you tell me? These are the unit digits which unite to form a number with several digits, that is to say between 0 and 9. Let us take another example, that of the number 313. It contains two basic digits: the number 1 and the number 3. In addition to that, it has (like all the others) another invisible base number that can be obtained by dissecting the number in question.

Decortication between angels and numbers

The decortication is not very complicated. This technique will help you read any angel number. Thanks to it, you will be able to reduce any number composed of several digits to obtain the invisible base digit.

To keep it simple, just add the digits of the number to get a single component. Here is an example: if your angel number is 1113, here is how to proceed: 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 6. So the basic invisible number is 6.

Be careful, this method will sometimes need to be deepened … Take for example the number 97489: 9 + 7 + 4 + 8 + 9 = 37. As you can see, the number 37 is made up of two units. It is therefore necessary to shell it once more: 3 + 7 = 10 and then: 1 + 0 = 1.

The basic invisible number is therefore 1. Why am I telling you about invisible numbers? Because they give extra meaning to the message sent by the angel number. and if we take the number 1111  … It's the icing on the cake, in a way.

Multiple digits

When looking at the meaning of angel numbers, the number of times a specific number appears should be taken into account. In the number 313, the number 3 comes back twice. This means that the message conveyed by the number 3 weighs more heavily in the balance than that of the number 1.

Triple digits

Some numbers have a very special meaning. I'm talking about the triple digits. If the numbers 111 , 333, 666 , or the like appear before your eyes, then the message sent to you is of the utmost importance. This kind of angel number is not uncommon.

What is more, it is very easy to understand. Whatever the base number, one thing is certain: the importance of the number in question is threefold.

Let us take another example: the base number 9 is often associated with the end of a phase, of a cycle. If you see the number 999, the message conveyed is the following: the end of a cycle is approaching (work, emotional life) but it is an essential stage in your spiritual evolution. The idea of ​​coming to the end of a cycle may not make you happy, but it will mark a new beginning.

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