The symbolic of plumage: the hidden meaning of feathers

meaning of feathers

The Plumage of the Angels and the Symbolic of the plumage: the Angels are the purest and most divine entities that God has created. They are made of light in the raw state. Their primary mission is to spread love in this world while providing the benefit of their purity.

They are not made of flesh and bones like any normal person living in this world but of light in the raw state, as I just said.

They cannot be seen or touched. They spread peace and love in this messy world and leave behind traces that we must follow with conviction. You can now discover more about the Symbolism of plumage

Symbolism of plumage

To signal their presence to us, they can, among other things, discard some of their angelic feathers.

These angelic feathers representing their lightness and purity are placed in our path to remind us that God has charged divine forces to watch over us and bring us the peace we seek.

Angelic feathers are associated with uniqueness and chastity. The feathers carry specific messages.

Symbolism of plumage

It is for this reason that angels are often found at the very heart of paintings and poems aimed at conveying a message of peace, purity and divinity.

Angel feathers symbolize different things depending on their color.

Although all angelic feathers have a common meaning (the importance of purity, peace,…), some colors have different meanings.

The most important and interesting symbols related to the feathers of angels are explained below.

Symbolism of red feathers

Angelic red colored feathers signify this: extraordinary power, strength and abundance in whatever it is you intend to undertake. A red angelic feather implies that the forces are with you …

Whatever you want to do, do it with passion and an iron will. It is the force of nature that is at your side. It gives you the stability you need in life no matter what situations you go through.

Symbolic of yellow angelical plumage

Angelic yellow feathers encourage you to be happy, to adopt a playful demeanor, to approach things positively.

They recommend that you focus on your goals and pursue them while having the conviction that the power of the Divine is with you in your journey.

They remind you that you have to remain someone upright, someone alert, someone attentive to what is happening in his environment.

Symbolism of orange plumage

If you come across angel feathers, it means that the angels are asking you to call on your creativity because it just might mean luck and success.

Believe in what your mind is telling you because that little voice in you might just be right.

Symbolic of pink feathers

Angelic pink feathers show that nature loves you and her love for you is limitless. Believe in the power of the love this world has for you, find inspiration with these angelic feathers and be playful at every moment.

Symbolic of blue feathers

Blue angelic feathers recommend you to keep calm, relax. Do not hesitate to stop everything for a moment to recharge your batteries, to relax.

Listen to what others have to say and don’t respond even if what is said is unpleasant to hear. Preserve your inner energy.

Symbolism of purple feathers

Angelic purple feathers symbolize positive energy. They invite you to let go of negative energies to turn to the positivism that looms on the horizon.

Try to open up to the spirituality that calls you and develop the spiritual aspect of your personality.

Symbolism of gray plumage

If you are facing a danger of any kind, two options come to mind and you find a gray angelic feather, know that it means that neither of these options is the right one but that the solution lies in between.

We have to find the right balance. Nothing is black or white… It’s gray.

Symbolism of green feathers

Angelic green feathers are a harbinger of great happiness. This could, among other things, manifest itself in the form of money or success. Turn your attention to any opportunity that seems to hold up.

Symbolism of brown feathers

The brown feathers highlight how important it is for you to stay in touch with your roots. If you are abroad, bond with each other by thinking of your home. In this way, you will show respect for your home.

Symbolic of white feathers

What the white feathers mean is actually no surprise. They represent the divine help and protection offered to you without even asking for anything.

They carry within them the peace and positivism that you must welcome with open arms.

According to some beliefs, the white angelic feathers are intended to signal that those who have left this world have arrived safely in the afterlife. It is a reliable clue for those who have lost a loved one.

Symbolism of black plumage

Although angelic black feathers are generally seen as harbingers of bad luck, they are not. As surprising as it may sound, it is quite the opposite.

The black feathers are there to remind us that the angels are around us and that they offer us their protection.

They also provide assurance that in addition to immense wisdom there is a form of spirituality within you that you can easily access.

If you come across an angelic feather, know that an angel is hiding behind it to remind you that he is by your side, ready to help you and protect you when you experience difficulties.

Symbolic of plumage: Should we take these angelic feathers?

If you find an angelic feather, instead of taking it in your hand, I recommend that you seek to understand the meaning behind it and thank the Divine power for the protection and advice it gives you.

Instead of picking up an angelic feather as precious as it is, focus on feeling the presence of angels by your side by interpreting and analyzing the signs behind this feather.

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