True or False: Cats are spiritual protectors – Cat spiritual meaning

Cat spiritual meaning

Unlike dogs, which are widely regarded as man’s best friends, cats often get a bad rap. Yet for many of us these furry beasts are all love and have many benefits in human life. To disentangle the true from the false, let’s find out together if cats are spiritual protectors or if it is better to be wary of them.

Are cats nice or mean?

The question may sound silly, and yet many people claim that cats are evil animals who dislike their owners and only seek to harm them. These people would be very surprised to learn that in reality cats are very powerful spiritual protectors , and their mere presence can drive away bad luck.

However, it is true that cats’ behaviors sometimes cause their master to ask questions: they often act selfishly, do not always show joy when they see us and do not seem more affected than that when we are. absent. But you have to understand that cats have their own behaviors and that there is no point in trying to humanize them, since they don’t think like us.

How are cats spiritual protectors?

We have known since the dawn of time that cats are overpowered spiritual protectors. They are able to chase away negative entities that want to harm us. Having a cat at home means being sure not to be bothered by malicious spirits, quite simply because cats are territorial animals that do not like to share!

They are able to capture evil entities with their natural energy shield. Cats also have very powerful healing properties. Their purr is known to ease tension and lower stress levels.

The powers of the cat according to its coat and what do cats mean spiritually?

If all cats are spiritual protectors, they have more or less powerful properties depending on their color:

  • The black cat is related to white magic and is endowed with highly developed protective properties.
  • The red cat promotes concentration and abundance, in all its forms.
  • The white cat is synonymous with luck and beauty. They have very powerful healing gifts.
  • The tabby cat represents positive energy and determination.


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