Understanding The Owl Animal Spirit

Understanding The Owl Animal Spirit

Here we are going to focus on one and only animal spirit: the owl. We will be interested in what it symbolizes, the meaning that inhabits it as well as the spiritual meaning behind the owlAnimal spirits can take different forms and fulfill several roles.

They can indeed help us when we are demoralized, they can guide us in our spiritual life but also give us advice, guide us when we are a little lost. The form that animal spirits take is a valuable indicator capable of revealing the reason for their visit. 

Discovering the Owl and its meaning

Let’s start by analyzing the way the animal spirit of the owl is perceived across different cultures. You have to know one thing: they more or less all converge on the meaning of this animal spirit. When you see an owl, what do you think of?

These nocturnal creatures live at night. You can sometimes hear their distinctive cry tear the night apart. Lots of people say they don’t like hearing it, perhaps because it comes close to the screams you hear in horror movies.

No wonder then if I tell you that owls have long been seen as bad omen… But I am not talking about the owl spirit here. Owls were seen as animals announcing death in many cultures.


This was particularly the case with the Mayans. Yet the owl was rarely feared because it is part of the cycle of life, just like death. Owls have never caused the death of anyone.

Some people have simply made the connection between the sight of this animal and an imminent death. It was long believed that the owl was in fact a God, a spirit or an angel whose role was to transport the soul from the material world to the spiritual world.

Hidden meaning of owls

The animal spirit of the owl is very similar to the animal itself. He is patient, always in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to present itself. They are intelligent creatures surrounded by mysteries.

If your animal mind is the owl totem, you will be able to learn things about yourself as well as why you see this animal. People whose animal totem is that of the owl are said to have mystical qualities.

Indeed, if the owl is your animal mascot, it may well be that you have the ability to know people’s intentions before they even reveal them. Much like the owl can see at night, you are able to tell right from wrong by intuition.

The animal spirit of the owl is also synonymous with clairvoyance abilities. It could be that you benefit from a gift or that your aptitudes simply need to be “awake” to activate.

Vision of owls in a dreams

The way you see your animal spirit can influence the way you interact with it. So, if you see an owl in a dream (and your animal mind is the owl’s), the message someone is trying to send to you might be difficult to decipher immediately, but not impossible.

Seeing an owl in a dream is a unique opportunity to interact with it. Know that, if you dream of an owl, it may be that the time has come to rethink and change some of your behaviors. It is the wisdom of the talking owl.

Here’s an example: If you have a bad habit of smoking, the owl may try to appeal to your rational mind to make you aware of the negative effects of smoking.

If you see a dead owl in a dream, it is different: the symbolism is that of death. But don’t worry, this is not a physical death… rather see it as the end of a cycle of life. Basically, it looks like a lifecycle will soon end to give way to a new one.

Further analysis of dreams

Dreams involving owls can be quite intense, but under no circumstances should you panic and try to avoid them. If you dream that an owl is trying to bite your eye to tear it out, that’s a warning …

A warning that your vision (in terms of perception or pure clairvoyance) is impaired and you may be missing out on something. It is an invitation to open your eyes and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Other meanings

The animal spirit of the owl carries other senses, but these are less common. However, they should not be ignored … Owls have always represented the Goddess of Fertility. So it could be that the start of your new life cycle involves the birth of a child.

It should also be known that the animal spirit of the owl is sometimes the messenger of God or of the angels and in particular of the Archangels. They often interact with nature and animals in order to transmit messages to people.

If you have recently turned to the angels and awaited a response from them, pay attention to your thoughts, actions, where you are, etc. The answers to your questions may be right under your nose. The animal spirit of the owl is there to guide you.

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Understanding The Owl Animal Spirit