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Uriel, archangel of divine fire

Archangel Uriel
Archangel Uriel

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If you are in pain; if you are in doubt or in disarray; if you have lost your way… call on Archangel Uriel: he will intercede for you and your heart will quickly be lighter.

Who is Archangel Uriel?

Uriel is the fourth archangel and he is considered the most intelligent in the Celestial world. The other three archangels are Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.

The status of Archangel is the highest in the hierarchy of Angels. Uriel means, in Hebrew, ” Son of God ” or “Fire of God” according to traditions. It is present in Jewish texts, and it is recognized by the Orthodox, Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

Do you know who Archangel Uriel is? Do you have any idea what you can ask him?

Archangel Uriel – What can we ask him?

Uriel is the Prince of Lights. He very often depicted with a heavenly flame bursting from his open hand towards the sky. But in some engravings, we can see him with a book at his feet. This book is the guide to medicinal plants that he gave to Adam.

Uriel is the one who brings knowledge to men and understanding of the Divine. It is said that he is the Archangel of Prophecy since, according to the writings, God sent him to warn Noah that a flood was going to fall on the earth.

He announces the word of the Divine. He is also the one who predicts. It can therefore be invoked in several situations:

When you suffer deep within your soul, Uriel can help heal your inner suffering. It can repair ailments of the soul and the heart.
It can also be invoked in the face of a so-called blocked situation. Uriel can then guide to the right path…. a path of love and peace.

As you progress on the path to a better life, you progress in your personal growth, which includes empathy, becoming more sensitive to the energies of others and those around you; this includes the presence of many guides and angels who are at the service of the evolution of man.

Ask Archangel Uriel and your angels to help you have a positive experience and a happier process. Find joy in your life, whatever the circumstances, and know that in doing so, you are reaching the higher levels of understanding, joy, and freedom that your soul desires to feel.

Archangel Uriel – A little more to know

Agrippa von Nettesheim, known as Cornelius Agrippa, who was considered one of the greatest occult scholars of all time, said of the 4 Archangels that they resided at the four cardinal points of the celestial world.

These celestial points were, he said, the points marking the beginning of the four earthly seasons. And Agrippa advised the peasant to invoke Uriel on the first day of summer so that the crops may be fruitful.

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