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What are the different cat color symbolisms? What does cat symbolize?

What does cat symbolize
What does cat symbolize

Cats are famous for the symbolism attached to them. Indeed, it is more easily symbolized by the color of its fur than by its race. Each color has a distinct meaning. By reading this article, you will understand more about the different symbolisms of cat color

Cat color symbolisms

If you have a cat, you are sure to be amazed at the different cat color symbolisms .

Symbolism of the black cat

Black cats often have a bad reputation for being unlucky or wearing the evil eye. But in truth, they have long symbolized good luck in many cultures.

Black cat color symbolisms are often negative and rooted in ancient medieval beliefs. Indeed, at the time, healers, wizards and magicians used to move with their black cat and ceaselessly stroke them. This is where this popular belief comes from.

Black cats are actually a symbol of health and medicine, which means that they often appear around very sick people to guide them in the transition to their next life.

Symbolism of the white cat

Another color that symbolizes good fortune in the spiritual world is white. Many people believe that spirit guides can manifest as a white cat when needed. Mediums and clairvoyants have a particular affinity with this type of animal.

Symbolism of the gray cat

Gray cat color symbolisms are very important, especially for people who are going through difficult times or times of transition.

They instill in us hope by helping us understand our spiritual problems so that we can work to overcome them.

Gray cats also symbolize the tough decisions we need to make as humans – they make sure to get us back on track when we sometimes get lost.

Symbolism of the red cat

The red cat color symbolisms are more atypical. Indeed, red cats have the particularity of strengthening our leadership instincts and pushing us to make difficult, sometimes radical decisions, such as a change of life or a period of renewal.

This is why red cats often gravitate towards people with assertive, committed temperaments, those who are trying to make meaningful change in the world. It is for this reason that many environmentalists and climate activists have a ginger cat as a pet.

Symbolism of the brown cat

The brown cat is the symbol of an attitude rooted in reality, as is the case with people who enjoy routine, habits and who have a calm, moderate and regular lifestyle.

But one of the brown cat color symbolisms is that it helps dreamers return to reality when they sometimes stray too far from the real world.

Black and white cat symbolism

The black and white cat, zebra or striped, is the very emblem of the playful and mischievous cat. It represents the need for good humor, “joy of living”¬†optimism and also the desire to break a little seriousness in our daily life.

This is also why “women-children” or “adulescents” are the profiles of people who have the most black and white cats.

You will understand, there are very varied cat color symbolisms. The best is to choose a cat that suits you, both in terms of its color, its behavior and its symbols. But very often, one way or another, it is not you who choose your cat, but it is he who designates you.

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