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What happens after death?

What happens after death
What happens after death

Last Updated on May 11, 2021 by Maria Numero

What happens after you die? This is a question that man has been asking himself since the dawn of time, which has caused much ink to flow and has made the greatest minds of humanity reflect.

Before taking a look at what happens after death, let’s take a look at what happens as death approaches.

What happens when death approaches?

Many testimonies around the world relate these stories of people having seen deceased and caring loved ones who were waiting for them to accompany them to the afterlife .

Doctors and nurses observed that patients near death often saw their wives, husbands, relatives or friends waiting for them but were the only ones who could see them.

What happens after death?

On this point, many testimonies of near-death experience converge on several points in common:

Come out of his body envelope

A lot of people say they come out of their body , to be aware, to hear and to see all the things that are happening around them including their own lifeless body shell.

Feel nothing more

People who have had this experience also say that they no longer feel anything, the sensations of hot or cold, their body, limbs or muscles and also feel a feeling of calm and lightness.

The light at the end of the tunnel

There is an incredible number of testimonies around the world describing a tunnel with a white light at the end that pulls the person towards it.

What happens after experiencing near death?

Most people who are survivors say they are no longer afraid of death and have a new outlook on life and a new philosophy about continuing to exist. Things seem clearer to them and the paths to take as well.

What do scientific studies say about this?

Scientists, thanks to the many testimonies collected from all over the world, are increasingly interested in and are carrying out various researches about NDEs (near-death experience).

The largest study ever to date was carried out by scientists at the University of Southampton studying more than 2,000 cases of patients with cardiac arrest across 15 hospitals in Austria, Great Britain and the United States. United.

About 40% of surviving patients say they were conscious during the time they were being resuscitated when they were clinically dead.

Dr Sam Parnia who led this study, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, said of a man’s experience describing the noises of the machines and what the medical staff were doing in the room after his clinical death :

”  We know that the brain cannot function when the heart has stopped beating, but in this case the consciousness seems to have continued for three minutes during the period when the heart was no longer beating, the brain usually turns off 20 to 30 seconds after cardiac arrest “.

He adds that the man was able to describe everything that was happening in the room including the beep emitted by the machine, which made it possible to know how long exactly the experiment lasted, the patient was credible because all that he said actually happened.

What happens after death – Study

For this study, scientists examined 2,060 people who suffered cardiac arrest. Of the 330 who survived, 140 described a state of consciousness while being brought back to life.

One in five say they have experienced a sense of calm and serenity. Some revealed seeing a bright light and feeling the time either speeding up or slowing down, while others described a feeling of drowning or being submerged in deep water.

Apparently, for Dr Sam Parnia, life does not end at the moment of death since the clinically dead person may still be conscious after, at least according to their observation, three minutes after clinical death.

Some scientists believe that the “light at the end of the tunnel” reported by many people during near-death experiences is caused by a sharp increase in brain activity.

Other scientists believe that medications or treatments given to the patient may play a role in the perceived visions or illusions.

Still, they can’t explain the fact that some resuscitated people may have overheard conversations taking place in another room or some extremely specific details when they were clinically dead.

Can a medium really come into contact with the deceased?

Yes, some people and mediums have the ability to make contact with the dead, to connect with the afterlife and other parallel worlds, many people around the world have testified to having seen or had conversations with the deceased.

Not so long ago, the father of boxer Alexis Vastine, who disappeared over a year ago in a tragic helicopter crash, said in an interview with the team that he was able to take contact with his deceased son through a clairvoyant, that this had done him good and that he believed more and more in an afterlife.

How do you know if a medium is really communicating with the Hereafter?

To find out if a medium or a psychic really communicate with the other world, we must ask questions about things that only you and the missing person know.

Serious and professional mediums will be able to describe objects or photos thanks to the connection they will have with the loved one.

I personally wanted to write an article about it because it intrigues me. While discussing this topic with those close to me and while I was writing and doing my research, I discovered that a very close family member had a near-death experience.

So I asked him if he didn’t mind giving me a little interview so that I could share his experience with the readers of the NumerologyMasters blog , he does not want to talk about this experience but still made an exception for me, it is for this reason that this testimony is rather short but returns to certain points which were mentioned in the article a little above.

What do you remember and how did you feel during this experience?

First a feeling of floating above my body, then of being sucked upwards at very high speed, no pain but infinite well-being, you feel joyful, serene and above all surrounded by love.

Have you seen a tunnel with a light?

The light is not visible immediately and we do not see the faces but outstretched hands, shadows, voices and we have the feeling that it is family, friends …

I don’t remember very well because it’s been a long time since this happened but I think I decided to come back myself and since then I no longer fear death or the future… I know.

We hope this article has answered some of the questions you may have been wondering about.

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