What is gemini birthstone?

What is gemini birthstone
What is gemini birthstone

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Here are lucky Gemini birthstones. Always on the move, Gemini exudes the joy of living. Everyone loves their company, even if they are sometimes difficult to follow.

Precisely, the gemstones for Gemini allow to channel this sign of the air and help it concentrate its boundless energy! Agate, lapis lazuli, amber or emerald: discover all the stones of protection of the natives of Gemini and their birthstones and the gems linked to their chakras.

Gemini and its protective birthstones at a glance

Dated: May 21 to June 20

Element: Air

Color: Grey

Stones: agate, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amber, emerald …

What is the birthstone of Gemini?

Gemini is the “mutable sign” associated with the element air. Governed by Mercury, they are associated with the color gray.

Their period of influence, which runs from May 21 to June 21, allows them to benefit even more strongly from the benefits of the stones associated with Gemini, an enthusiastic, talented sign that leaves no one indifferent.

Indeed, the native of this sign loves when things move! Intelligent and cerebral, Gemini’s lucky stones allow them to nurture their many talents and keep their feet on the ground.

Because this air sign sometimes has trouble concentrating! They are then accused of being superficial or inconstant. It is not: Gemini makes their duality a force that it can channel with the right stones.

Below are the main Gemini protection stones:

  • Celestine
  • Agate
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Aquamarine
  • Amber
  • Emerald

Stones associated with Gemini character traits

Gemini’s lucky stones allow them to temper their flaws and assert their qualities. There is no shortage of natives of this sign: friendly, inventive and talented, quick-witted.

Good at speaking in public, they are very adaptable and excellent in many areas. It is no coincidence that they are ruled by Mercury, one of the brightest planets in the celestial vault.

The celestine is ideal For revealing the natural qualities of Gemini. This “stone of the angels” helps to release its natural energy and to express itself. It promotes communication and eliminates negative thoughts.

Gemini also has flaws in their qualities, which can draw them a reproach. They are sometimes called inconstant, scattered and superficial … In these cases, agate is the ideal stone of protection to keep your feet on the ground. 

It promotes anchoring, calms the mind and calms anxieties. She can stabilize the aura and the twirling energy of Gemini. It is also a stone that develops sincerity and connection to earthly vibrations.

Love and Gemini: which lucky stones to recommend?

The native of Gemini is often sympathetic, friendly and communicative. He has no trouble seducing, but he can also appear unstable. If he seems not to cling to anything, we can offer him hematite or an agate, two anchor stones for Gemini in love.

Their hard-to-follow side can lead to disappointment in Gemini. It misunderstood needs a lot of attention and tenderness. In this case, the tiger eye is the ideal stone of protection. It helps to develop self-confidence and self-acceptance. It is recommended for all people with self-esteem disorders.

Gemini health stone

Certain parts of the human body are more sensitive in Gemini: the lungs and the arms, hands, and shoulders. Joint disorders can be relieved with turquoise or malachite. 

For anything related to breathing, the ideal health stones are amber, lapis lazuli, and emerald. They promote the proper functioning of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Lapis lazuli and agate are very beneficial to the native of Gemini! They can soothe restless spirits and sleep soundly. For sleep disorders, possible in this sign, amethyst is also a gem to recommend.

Lucky stone for Gemini at work

Gemini has a natural gift for speaking and writing. Their spirit is conducive to creation and invention. These qualities can be enhanced by lapis lazuli, a stone known to develop its natural inspiration. 

It is particularly useful for Gemini, who practices in speech or writing, whether in journalism, communication, teaching, etc …

Likewise, communication skills are useful in most careers. For this, aquamarine, blue topaz or sodalite ideally accompany Gemini at work. These lucky stones are connected to the throat chakra and facilitate understanding and externalization.

Perfect matchmakers, the natives of this air sign are at ease in all professions that involve traveling, even short. Garnet and aquamarine are great gemstones for Gemini. Indeed, these gems are considered stones of protection for travelers.

Gemini beautifies everything they touch and are very enterprising. Their main challenge would be to succeed in settling … To improve concentration, and we can recommend apatite, hematite – or again agate!

These gems help to focus on fixed goals, in addition to removing anxiety and negative energies. Likewise, amber is recommended for concentrating and studying while avoiding distractions.

What color of the stone is for Gemini?

Inseparable from Mercury, “metallic planet”, Gemini is characterized by the color gray or silver. With its metallic appearance, hematite offers a perfect chromatic correspondence to the natives of this sign.

In gray stones, we can prefer white Howlite with gray streaks, Picasso jasper or gray agate.

What is the birthstone for Gemini?

There are many gemstones for Gemini, most of them related to the strong characteristics of this astrological sign. But you can also opt for a birthstone, depending on their birthday.

Gemini birthstones are determined by the month they were born, whether it is May (1st decan) or June (2nd and 3rd decan).

Gemini born in May: emerald

Gemini born in June: moonstone, pearl and alexandrite

Which stones for the chakras are associated with Gemini?

Gemini is traditionally connected with the throat chakra. It is the 5th chakra, located in the hollow of the throat. It is connected to communication, speech, creativity and externalization – all strengths of Gemini!

To balance the throat chakra, we can recommend using several gems: lapis lazuli, turquoise or sodalite.

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