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What is the meaning of the number 7? Life path number 7

Meaning of Number 7
Meaning of Number 7

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Symbol of completion and perfection in all traditions, the 7 designates all of the planetary orders, all of the heavenly dwellings and all of the spiritual energies. But, the seven is shrouded in mystery and covers many other meanings. Find out more about the Meaning of the Number 7!

Meaning of number 7 in numerology

Resulting from the addition of 3, celestial symbol of the Trinity, and 4, symbol of terrestrial materiality (the 4 cardinal points), the seven is also symbol of “the union of Heaven and Earth”.

So what does the number 7 mean?

Any number has a particular importance as well as a vibratory energy of its own. By deciphering the message conveyed by its vibrations, it is possible to understand what the numbers symbolize in the universe. Everything always has a meaning, even if it is not particularly obvious.

Your Guardian Angel can help you discover the meaning of the number 7! But, above all, you have to know who he is.

As a result, it is omnipresent in our life:

  • the week has 7 days,
  • the rainbow has 7 colors,
  • the diatonic scale is made up of 7 notes,
  • the energy centers (or “chakras”) of Yoga are 7 in number,
  • traditional astrology has 7 planets
  • (you have, I imagine found other examples still)…

It all seems very simple to us, very ordinary. And yet!

The Meaning of the Number 7 and the Angels

It also designates what is particularly dear to me: the Heavens (7 in number) inhabited by the angelic Orders and of which the Archangels are the Princes.

The number 7 embodies divine Perfection. Isn’t it in 7 days in fact that God is said to have created the world? Do you want to know who is your protective guardian angel ?

Meaning of the number 7 – mystical symbol

On closer inspection, the 7 quickly shows itself as a number of initiation and mystery. Hold on: Each lunar cycle is made up of 4 periods of 7; that is, a total of 28 days. To get started and get into the mystery of this number, add the first 7 digits:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +7

How many did you find?… 28! Strange, isn’t it?

It is also because everything that revolves around the Meaning of the Number 7 has always been linked to the mystery that it is universally considered to be the number of luck par excellence.

Did you know, for example, that it is the number most played in the lottery and other games of chance?

If it is or if it becomes your lucky number or if, better yet, it ever wins you the jackpot, you will remember that day, I believe, what I just taught you.

To know luck, these numerological data will be of great help to you. 

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