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What is the solar plexus?

solar plexus
solar plexus

Last Updated on March 6, 2021 by Maria Numero

In the Sanskrit language, the solar plexus is called the Manipura and it has a more expanded meaning. In this Indo-European culture, it is represented by a lotus with ten petals of yellow color. So that you can better understand what it is, we can say that the solar plexus is a nerve center.

It is a kind of crossroads of nerves that guide the behavior of the organs to which it is linked. These nerves are attached to almost every organ in the abdomen, including the spleen, liver, intestines and kidneys, among others.

Associated with the mental body, it is he who will define the self-esteem, the personality, the social identity, the will, the contact towards the outside, the instinct and the interpersonal relationships of a person. In Kundalini yoga, the solar plexus acts as a filter of energies before redistributing them to the other chakras.

Where is the solar plexus located?

The solar plexus anatomy is between the 12 th vertebra of the thorax and the first lumbar vertebra located behind the stomach, but a little more in front of the diaphragm. For an external location, it is below the chest, three fingers wide above the navel.

The solar plexus is in direct relation with the emotions. If it is well or poorly balanced, this will have an impact which can manifest itself in fears, self-esteem, fatigue and capacity for action. This solar plexus is like a center of internal and external stability, so as soon as a blockage appears you can have an emotional upheaval.

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Where is the solar plexus in women?

In women, we can give a more precise location to this nerve center. It is housed between the navel and the breastbone. The latter is a flat bone in the thorax that is right in the middle of the rib cage. From the outside, the solar plexus is in the abdominal area.

This area should not be confused with the belly. The abdomen area is at trunk level, in the middle of the thorax and pelvis. Here you have the other 7 Chakras .

Which organ under the solar plexus?

As stated above, the solar plexus has some control over the behavior of the organs in the abdomen. The nerves of this nerve center are connected to different organs, so if we stimulate the celiac plexus, these organs will function optimally.

It is also obvious that if this nerve center encounters a dysfunction, this will be felt on the organs: in this case, we speak of a blocked or unbalanced plexus. You have understood that each nerve in the solar plexus is linked to several organs in the abdomen, especially those of the digestive system.

This nerve center has a special connection with the stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, intestines and spleen. However, some of these nerves are also related to the heart, skin, nervous system, muscles, joints, skin, lower back, eyes and also reproductive organs.

How to unblock your solar plexus?

Stress, repeated digestive problems, diseases relating to organs connected to the solar plexus, oppression of the heart, abdominal tension, weight loss or gain, nerve pain or even insomnia, these are just ‘part of the consequences of a blocked solar plexus.

To get out of this, several solutions are available to you. For example, you can review your diet by adding foods that have taken the sun. It is also possible to be directly exposed to the sun to absorb as much vitamin D as possible.

For music lovers, be aware that playing in E could help you unblock your solar plexus. For this unblocking, we can also advise you on meditation by visualization. This meditation session should be combined with breathing exercises for it to be more effective.

If meditation is not your forte, you can consider self-massage by making small circles in the solar plexus area and taking slow breaths.

Some essential oils such as lavender aspic and Roman chamomile can also act on the solar plexus by rebalancing or unblocking it. The stones are also recommended in this “treatment” of the nerve center.

Which stone for the solar plexus chakra?

To balance or to unblock the solar plexus, one can have recourse to stones. You can meditate with the stone by placing it near your bed or under the pillow during the night when sleeping or placing it directly on the body at the site of the solar plexus.

It is also possible to carry it directly with you. This is the most practical solution, especially since you can afford to integrate the stone into a piece of jewelry or an accessory that you can wear on yourself.

These stones which resonate with the energy of the solar plexus are those which have a yellow color. This shade can oscillate on green yellow, orange yellow, lemon yellow or beige yellow. Among the most used stones, we can mention citrine.

This golden and luminous quartz has an optimal impact on the fears that block the nerve center. It will also promote intellectual capacities and self-confidence. There is also the tiger eye which not only looks good on a piece of jewelry, but has power over self esteem and personal willpower.

Amber has an orange-yellow color. It can be used as part of a rebalancing of the solar plexus. This stone acts particularly on the digestive and endocrine system, but its effect can extend on the purification of the organism, in particular by relieving the pain solar plexus chakra.

If the solar plexus blockage is more emotional, we recommend yellow jade. It will also be of great help in increasing optimism. Yellow jasper acts more on the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Its virtues in unblocking and rebalancing the solar plexus are numerous, but we can cite among others revitalization and perseverance.

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