Your 2021 numerology according to your personal year

2021 numerology your personal year

The personal year in numerology tells you about the general climate of the current calendar year. Somehow, knowing your personal year is like looking at your personal weather forecast for the year that is unfolding.

It shows you the priorities that need to be addressed throughout the year. It guides you and helps you to understand, to apprehend the trends and the events to come.

Finding out about your personal year has nothing to do with clairvoyance. But the two are very complementary.

If you analyze your personal year for the numerology of 2021 this will allow you to know what awaits you and therefore to prepare for it. It will help you live in harmony with the vibrations that will influence you! This allows you to do things at the right time for the best possible results.

If you consider the personal year of a third person, this will allow you to learn about the trends that will animate the months to come of this individual. You can therefore anticipate certain reactions, certain situations.

Calculation of his personal year

Personal years follow a 9-year cycle. Each takes place from January 1 to December 31. The years go by but are not alike. Each has a specific theme within it.

The personal year 1 is the year of the beginning of the cycle, that of the beginning. In contrast, the personal year 9, is the year of the end of the cycle, which represents the year of the balance sheet.

So you will find out if the year primarily concerns your emotional, or rather professional, or your material life.

How is the personal year calculated : Add the days and months of your birth that you will add to 2021

Example: if you were born on May 15:

1 + 5 + 5 = 11
11 + 2021 = 2032
2 + 3+ 2 = 7

You will therefore be in personal year 7 in 2021.

What 2021 forecasts according to your personal year

Personal year 1:
It is year 1, that of the beginning of a new cycle of 9 years. It is a year focused on a new beginning, on the beginning, on the initiative, on autonomy, independence, ambition, achievement.
It is the ideal year to start a new project, to give yourself new motivations.

Personal year 2:
It is a year focused on feelings, love, emotionality, the couple, the relationship. It’s a year where we will have to find the right balance. It is the year in which we have to study our projects in depth. We have to find the right directions.

It is a year when the emotions are stronger, more exacerbated. We are fragile and highly sensitive.

Personal year 3:
It is a year based on optimism, communication, exchanges, travel, sociability. It is a year of personal development, expansion and expression. We have the ability to make many contacts and to combine several activities at the same time. Hyperactivity is at the rendezvous. It’s a year when we can’t keep still. Getting around is not scary.

Personal Year 4:
It is a year focused on stability, patience, building, perseverance, organization. It’s a year of stabilizing energy.
But also where you have to be rigorous in order to build. It’s a year where we are organized and demanding on what we want. This a year of achievement.

Personal Year 5:
It is a year focused on change, adventure, travel, moving. It is a year that also brings positive and dynamic changes. We need independence and freedom. We must expect to experience amazing events!  This is the year of all possibilities, but above all it is the year of all changes possible .

Personal year 6:
It is a year focused on family, home, decisions, harmony… where one is invited to focus on one’s daily life both in the personal and professional sectors. We will be able to focus repeatedly on a task, a reflection. We need a train, a routine.

Personal year 7:
This is a year focused on analysis, reflection and wisdom. It’s a year when you feel the need to isolate yourself. We prefer to be in a form of solitude rather than in the tumult of an overly active social life. We need to take a break to regenerate, which at the same time allows us to take stock of life in general.

Personal Year 8:
It’s a year focused on materiality, money, achievement, ambition. You will want to take back control of your life, the need to take control of your life again, to become an actress again.

You will be overly determined to achieve goals that you have set for yourself. We are giving ourselves the means to achieve this! It’s a year where we are motivated by the material aspect, comfort, possession.

Personal year 9:
This is a 9- year end-of-cycle year. It is therefore a period of accomplishment, but also of assessment. The period will be ideal for sorting things out, purifying them; getting rid of everything that has no use, turning certain pages, quitting certain habits, detaching oneself from people who no longer need to be, doing “housework”.

Numerology is not just the personal year. This represents the weather forecast for the coming year. You also have the path of life. For the latter it will be about learning about the major trends in your life, what you are made for!

There is also the number of expression which is calculated with the letters of your first name and your last name. In this case, it is more the personal aspect that will be mentioned. Your way of being, your way of doing things, your psychology too!

Thanks to an in-depth numerological study, you will know what the year 2021 represents for you and how to take advantage of these twelve months in the areas that concern you. For that I remain at your disposal!

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