Spiritual awakening – 11 stages of spiritual awakening

7 stages of spiritual awakening
7 stages of spiritual awakening

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What is spiritual awakening meaning and what is spiritual awakening process ?

Spiritual awakening is a period when we experience great interior upheavals. Several symptoms appear in our life. The purpose of this article is to explore some of these spiritual awakening symptoms with you so that you can understand why they are showing up in you.

This will help you to experience this period of great transformations in a much more peaceful way.

Failure to understand what is going on in us when awakening can cause worry, frustration, dismay and fear; the mind no longer finding points of reference to cling to.

This is why it is important for me to support you and to support you in this transformation, by transmitting to you as much information as possible to allow you to evolve spiritually and positively.

My goal is that you can appreciate this journey a little more, that you accept it as a blessing, and not as a punishment.

1. Feel like a new person with new eyes

At this stage of awakening you become disidentified from your mind / ego. You are now the Mind-Watching Presence. All your life you have been taught that you are that voice in your head.

You have defined yourself through it. Now you know it doesn’t represent you and it is very uncomfortable at first. If you are not that person, who are you? You are the calm behind this voice.

Just learn to observe it and you will discover who you really are, behind the din.

Your feeling of being a new person is legitimate because now you no longer see life through your mind but through your soul and your heart.

It is for this reason that you feel like you have new eyes. Your eyes are literally adjusting to see in a new way. At this point, you may have occasional popping eyes, blurred vision, or difficulty seeing as before.

2. New interest in existential questions such as: “who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “Is there anything other than the physical world?”, “What is the meaning of life?”

You quietly learn to communicate with your soul and to be fully aware of the spiritual meaning of your life. For years she has been trying to get in touch with you and today you are ready to hear her truth, Your truth.

The fact that you are asking yourself these questions about your true identity is proof that you are now ready to listen. Your soul can only rejoice and it can now transmit its divine message to you to allow you to elevate yourself spiritually.

3. Loss of interest in superficial things, people and activities

During the awakening of consciousness, your vibratory rate increases considerably as well as your state of mind. You are radiating at a higher frequency and that is why you are drawn now to things, people and activities that vibrate at the same frequency as you.

Hence the reason why you abandon what is superficial in order to be happy. It no longer matches your frequency and therefore no longer attracts you.

4. Visceral need to understand and seek the truth

As with point 2, you are now ready to hear the truth: you are a spiritual being, who came to Earth to have experiences in the physical world. Your understanding of life passes through your soul from now on.

You no longer identify with ego beliefs, telling yourself that you are separate from the rest of the world. You seek the truth by returning to the Source of your Being, to your true Essence, and questions of a practical nature interest you less and less. You are more attracted to questions concerning the invisible world and spirituality.

5. Finding Meaning in Everything You Do

Questions of no interest are no longer of interest to you, as you vibrate at a higher frequency. At this point, you can’t do, have, or be anything anymore without making sense to you.

You can no longer lie to yourself and get involved in certain things that are no longer right for you. Your priority now is to live true to yourself.

The danger at this stage is that your mind will interfere in your evolution. Learn to follow your intuition, your little voice, and your heart, and set aside ego fears and judgments.

If your intuition tells you to reorient yourself, for example, take the time to listen to what it has to say to you. Do not listen to your mind which will give you its usual catchphrase: you are too old, you do not have enough money, you will not do anything better, etc …

6. Importance given to the domain of Being and not of doing or having

The domain of doing and having are domains related to the physical world. During spiritual awakening, you abandon this world in favor of the invisible world, that of the Being, which is located at the level of the soul.

This is where you will find your joy. Today’s society pushes us to reverse the order of things. It prompts us to have, do and ultimately be.

This is what she offers us: “accumulate material goods and you will find happiness”. However, we only have to look at what is happening in our world right now to see that it is not working at all. Whoever seeks his happiness through having will never find it.

Whoever experiences an awakening of consciousness will know that all that matters is to be. Thereafter, the domain of doing and having will flow naturally, without any particular effort on our part.

7. Sense of unity towards everything (animals, plants, God, every human being)

The feeling of oneness comes from disidentification with the ego. In doing so, we return to Source, where we are one. This feeling is simply sublime. It makes us feel the ecstasy of being in total harmony with everything around us.

We have spent our entire lives in a state of separation: them instead of us.

Awakening makes us realize that we are one and that we are all united. When we accept this concept into our reality, we can no longer blame others, judge them or resent a person, since that person is part of us, they are us.

8. Great difficulty in undertaking a routine that no longer suits us

When your soul has succeeded in communicating to you the message that it has always tried to deliver to you, it is so playful and joyful that your entire Being vibrates intensely.

You have discovered what drives you, the fire of your soul, and you would like to immerse yourself in this experience every moment and stay there.

This is why you have all the miseries in the world to get out of your bed to go towards a routine that is no longer compatible with who you are and which no longer defines you.

A profound inner change has taken place within you and it is only a matter of time before the outer changes take place in your reality.

You cannot evolve internally without the exterior transforming as well. So the best thing you can do when you’re going through this in-between is keep the faith.

In difficult times, align with your soul as much as possible and try to avoid the traps of the mind.

9. Insomnia, great period of fatigue

Spiritual awakening changes our vibratory rate as well as the movement of energy in our body. At times, the movement intensifies.

Our body has to adapt to all of these changes. On the emotional level, the awakening of consciousness is particularly demanding, since it makes us experience a whole range of emotions.

We lift our blockages, we reexamine our beliefs, we get to know each other again. It takes a lot of energy, hence the moments of extreme fatigue and some suffering.

Just give yourself more time to rest, without feeling guilty. Listen to the rhythm of your body, free your thoughts and take care of your well-being.

You can meditate, participate in a hypnosis or Reiki session, do visualization, and use positive affirmations.

You will see, over time, your body will regain its energy and you will even have more of it than before. (Being in full alignment with oneself gives us access to an endless reservoir of energy.)

10. Loss of interest in any form of conflict or disagreement

Conflicts arise from the ego and the fact that it feels separate from everything. When you open your consciousness to your true nature, you understand that you are united with one another.

And that others are just a mirror of who you are. If you feel angry or resent someone else, it is with yourself that you are angry.

And you don’t want that energy in your life. You are now learning to see others as a part of yourself. And you respect everyone’s share of light and shadow.

This is why arguments and bickering no longer interest you. You replaced them with real feelings of oneness, joy, harmony and love for all.

11. Need to follow his intuitions and his heart, abandoning the judgment and opinion of others

When you are at this stage of awakening, you will know that you have successfully de-identified your ego. Rather, you let yourself be guided by your soul, which is the seat of intuition.

At this level, you can’t make bad decisions. Every step you take is in tune with your heart. You are no longer afraid of what others will think about you and what you do.

The judgment of others no longer holds you back. You focus more on your life mission and you move forward in this direction.

You are in total alignment (soul, mind, body) and you perceive each day as a present and you live without expectation.

At this point, you thank heaven for this great period of transition experienced, for this awakening to your true nature. You will never want to go back.

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